Here’s how a Biometric Fingerprint Time and Attendance System can benefit Establishments

For more than a century, companies have used paper time sheets, which have caused a number of problems including payroll mistakes, benefits administration tracking difficulties and storage problems. The main problem comes down to correctness, as there are inconsistencies always between time-reported and time-worked. Actually when using paper timesheets, there is no way to prevent errors by employee and manager; errors like data entry errors, late entry errors, input errors and missing / late time sheets errors are quite common.Read more

Use of Biometric Fingerprint system

With the advancement in technology, the timekeeping process has become automatic and simpler to implement, easier to learn, and progressively low-priced. Talking about the corporate world of today, workforce management takes lots of money as well as time. Time management and payroll management comprise about fifty percent of the budget. So as to decrease these expenditures, companies usually reduce on the salaries of the employees and are also compelled to sack people in order to continue and upsurge their ROI or return on investment. Others try to upsurge the normal office hours of the employees to meet the targets. This may lead to worker resentment. To avoid all these interruptions of payroll processing and time keeping, companies are now adopting a Fingerprint Time and Attendance systems.

Benefits of this Fingerprint system:

  • It has the ability to capture unique biological traits of individuals. So, there is no chance of duplicity or fraudulence.
  • Managers and supervisors feel confident that they are tracking every employee’s time and attendance precisely.
  • This prevents illegal buddy punching practices. As the system captures each employee’s exclusive traits, a coworker cannot do in or out for another employee by faking to be that employee.
  • It helps in improving job satisfaction of the employees. Confidence of the employees can get damaged when they give extra time without getting extra privileges. But with this system, supervisors can recognize those employees who have given extra time and effort and can reward them accordingly.
  • The biometrics fingerprint system for time and attendance benefits companies to get the maximum levels of productivity. Companies no more lose money because of poor tracking and practices.
  • The human resource departments, managers and supervisors do not need to track the work hours of the employees’ manually. This technology has been designed to precisely track employees based on distinct character traits that cannot be replicated.
  • This cloud based device can create real-time alerts if an employee is absent or late. This allows you to assign critical tasks to the employees who are available. So, as a manager of the company you are able to do better employee scheduling and roster planning. Time tracking software also permits you immediate access to information regarding sick leaves, unpaid leaves, and other vital employee work hour data.

Video Door Phones and increasing need for Home Security

Home security systems in India , today are no longer a luxury but a necessity. There is no doubt today that homes require additional security than just a mere burglar alarm or a peep hole attached to the door. With steady rise in crimes and the need to stay safe and protect ones family home security systems like video door phones are a much preferred choice. Video door phones mostly the wireless video door phones are a good investment and make a huge difference in sprucing up security measures for a home or building.Read more

Video door phone dealers in India are positive that in a few years’ time wireless video door phones will be installed in every home. Video door phone Mumbai dealers are aware of the growing need for good video door phone systems. Since Mumbai is considered a financial capital and a city where thousands have found their dreams come true, it only stresses on the need for good security measures. A good finance hub like Mumbai requires its citizens to be safe, especially since those dwelling in the city are prone to heinous crimes. Suppliers of video door phone in Mumbai have naturally found an increase in sales with regards to video door phones within the city. Among wireless video door phone systems, Zicom video door phones have always ruled the roost.

Like most wireless video door phone security systems the Zicom video door phones allows the occupant to view who is at the door as well as communicate with them. This is an added security measure since the occupant need not open the door without being sure it is safe to do so. These video door phones allow the house occupant to view any suspicious activity even before opening the door for anyone. The Zicom video door phone monitor can be easily installed in any part of the house depending on the convenience of the occupant. With the ease of viewing visitors from any section of the house crime can be rightly reported even before its inception. All of this is available with a single press of a button, making it the most convenient security system at your fingertips.

It’s not only the Zicom video door phones that are preferred by home owners, top video door phone suppliers in every city have cited the rise in requirement of good wireless video door phones. It’s most important benefit being that since there are no cables or wires required to install the wireless video door phone, the system is tamper proof. Moreover it allows the users to install it at any time even without having to lay down extra cables or renovate their homes and building premise. Its most apparent advantage of the wireless video door phones system is that they are audio and video enabled. Once the owner or occupant of the house recognizes the visitor at the door, the remote electronic lock allows access by releasing its mechanism.

The only deterrent for any buyer according to top video door phone suppliers is its price. Since India has a diverse stratum of consumers with varying notches of income, not all can afford good video door phone systems for their homes. Most people in the county have even come to believe that security systems like the wireless video door phone and branded security systems like Zicom video door phones are not within their budget. Perceptions are however changing with regards to ease of price of video door phones in India. With technology only improving, video door phone price in India is getting to an affordable segment. Eventually every middle class home in the country will install quality security measures like a video door phone.

Video door phone suppliers in the country are aware of this growing need of increased security measures for homes, buildings, villas and guest homes. Top video door phone suppliers are therefore introducing several types of video phone security systems that fit every kind of budget. There are also housing complexes and societies that are encouraging the use of video door phone for every home. This not just adds value to the home but ensures every buyer a quality life that is secure.

The video door phone system is easy to install, with the camera, mic/speaker installed at the entrance of a home or building. If a visitor rings the doorbell of a home installed with a video phone system, the camera is instantly activated. The monitor installed inside the home displays the visitor’s image and allows the home occupant to talk and enquire about the visitors visit. Once the owner is duly satisfied with the visitor and their purpose of visit they can allow them to enter with a single press of a button. The immediate need to open the door for any visitor without knowing who they are is eliminated completely. Unnecessary visitors like salesmen and even criminals need not be entertained into the house without the home owner being sure of their safety and that the visitor is genuine.

Choosing The Right Biometric Attendance System for Businesses

Biometric attendance systems are a requirement today and no longer a luxury. Highly recommended for businesses and huge organisations these access control systems are efficient and reliable. Of course it keeps out unwanted staff from a business premise or even from a particular high security or confidential premise of an organisation, but there is more to access control systems than just that.
In a country like India where the need for access control system for businesses is a huge need. However many small organisations and mid-sized businesses still rely on the age old tradition of only employing a normal identity card and physical lock system.Read more

That is not enough, considering the need for security of businesses and the information they deal with on a regular basis. Another factor that contributes to this is resilience in engaging in a good biometric attendance system. This is because most small and mid-sized businesses believe that installing a biometric system is expensive, given their knowledge about just a few known attendance system manufactures.
It is great for anyone to choose a credible biometric attendance system for their organisation. However merely making a decision based on oral advertisement or limited knowledge is not profitable. Especially if businesses are looking for the appropriate access control software that not only work in compliance with the size and requirement of their business, but is extremely reliable and easy on their expense too.
Two well-known and reliable access control systems are Zicom and CP Plus camera & biometrics access control system. These manufacturers have for long been the blue-eyed manufactures of CCTV surveillance and attendance systems in the country. Although the best and most favored for organisations since it comes with every bit of latest in technology, these can be a bit too hard on the pockets. Today, when there is an array of biometric applications to choose from, all with unique features, best in technology and very affordable rates it makes sense to choose an attendance system that is best suited according to ones need.
Businesses that also are looking to automate their attendance systems can benefit highly from biometric application software. Fingerprint biometric attendance systems or security access control system serve a dual purpose. It not only limits access to a business premise or place but also enables in automating attendance of employees working in an organisation. This is a huge advantage since it work load is reduced considerably as manual attendance calculation is done away with. There are several options businesses can choose from like thumb readers, RFID readers, swipe cards etc.
Although Zicom, eSSL and CP Plus camera and biometric have some distinguishing features when it comes to security access systems for businesses, there are a few others that have been creating waves in the biometrics industry. Easy to use and highly recommended are the U990 and X990 standalone biometric attendance system and fingerprint access control system that has amazing performance, ergonomic design to fit any organisation décor, high storage space and a good battery backup. Its price tag is affordable and fits any businesses budget easily. Although cheap the U990 and X990 functions are top notch using state-of-the-art technology.
The U990 is best in the biometric attendance category and is much affordable than the pricey Zicom, eSSL and CP Plus attendance software systems. Easy to install the U990 allows for IN Out and Lock system with amazing performance and a finger print sensor that is noted for its high resolution. The U990 fingerprint access control system comes with a color screen GUI interface and can be used for extra security measures like addition of pin numbers along with fingerprint recognition. With multi-language support software system, this smart card reader system can be used in India that is known for its diverse language and culture. Cheap when it comes to expense, but high on technology is what this fingerprint reader guarantees. With an option for Wi-Fi connection and GPS system technology access, this seems to be a great choice for businesses that are looking for the best security and attendance system on a string budget.
Another product worth mentioning in the low price category with features similar to eSSL biometric technology is the X990 fingerprint time and attendance system. One of the best fingerprint products in access control system this product is popular among the masses. Widely preferred among businesses the X990 RFID reader can store almost 3,000 scanned fingerprint imprints and can send out 1,00,000 access transaction records. These figures suggest that automation of attendance is easy to maintain and access and with a no fuss technology is hugely preferred by businesses of all sizes.
Fingerprint biometric card readers are excellent choices as they instil a feeling of safety in the organisation and premise. Since businesses deal with sensitive information, these thumb and fingerprint access control systems are a great way of keep a tab of who enters the premise. Along with biometric access information, time of accesses is captured which is of utmost importance for security as well as attendance purpose.

RFID Access Control Systems from IINA India

RFID systems, well understood as radio-frequency identification system is a much preferred tracking device for automation, people as well as goods. As a technological boon, the RFID access control systems have long ruled business houses and huge organisations. Cost effective and with multiple user application this basic three component device consists of programming device, set of tags and detector works brilliantly for door access controls, secured rooms / cabinets, departments, buildings etc. IINA India a well recognised security business who is known to supply a myriad of security solutions suggest the RFID access control system as a robust cost effective that continues to up its demand.Read more

A technology for the future for sure, RFID access control system is highly recommended for government buildings, entrances of commercial organisations, museums, hospitals and several other establishments where secured access is top priority. Understanding the uses of a robust RFID access control system will give a brief insight into this technology and how effective it is in today’s environment.

RFID door lock systems – This access control system when used in door locks ups this basic requirement of homes and property to a new level. With its recent foray of being used in door locks, the RFID systems keep track of who enters the room, home or property. Best seen in hotels this door lock system now does away with the age old known magnetic stripe locks that have lingered for long enough. With RFID as the new access control system for door locks, the ‘wow’ factor steps in, since proximity or even touching the door lock is not important. Think magical door locks that open as soon as it receives a radio signal.

These locks are sure to change the way we look at how we enter hotel rooms, property or even our very own personal homes. Maintenance wise, these are much better as compared to magnetic stripe cards and are not prone to easy wear and tear. There is zero percentage of failed performance, it is simpler to use, will not clog any scanning slots etc, which is what reduces its maintenance costs to a bare minimum. Its high promise of being compatible with future technology because of very minimum upgrade requirements as well as excellent monitoring and control systems make the RFID access control door lock systems a wise option to choose from.

RFID based canteen automation – Canteens are busy hubs of activity. Provisioning of food and beverages, food served in the canteen as well as maintaining accountability of employees who step into the canteen as well as maintaining a payroll for those who work in the canteen is a mammoth task. The RFID based canteen automation is available will several security solutions like IINA India. There are several advantages cited especially when it comes to RFID based canteen automation apart from its regular job which is integration of various canteen services under one program. Some of its valid advantages are;

  • Multi-location with a single card which works especially if vending machines are installed in different areas of the organisation
  • Efficiency in transaction,
  • Tracking of item and its value, sales etc
  • Keeping a track of food items and its consumption
  • Unnecessary expense especially when it comes to over costing on food items etc is curbed to a huge extent
  • Workers details, food item details, consumption details and employee details are all kept tracked of suitably
  • RFID based canteen automation is a robust system that does all calculations related to smooth functioning of a canteen

Hospital and healthcare services –Usage of RFID access control system in healthcare and hospitals has plentiful use. With successful deployments of this access control systems keeping a track of items bought into the hospital, where it is moved, track of low cost items, number of patients, door lock access and complete workflow and inventory management is a breeze. IINA India projects that within a few years RFID chips will be installed in humans as well so as to keep track of their whereabouts which in turn will help save lives. A similar system was carried out in October 2004 in the USA where the FDA approved of installing chips in human beings so that their medical information can be accesses without much hassle as well as humans can be tracked and lives can be saved.

Schools/Universities – RFID access control system has broad uses. Similar as its use in hospitals and healthcare, schools / universities can be used to track staff and students entering its premise and exiting from it. RFID on access control cards allow students and teachers in better automation of attendance which is of primary concern in several schools.

Automating the entire system with RFID access control systems will bring about a whole new change in how schools, universities, offices, government offices, corporate houses, individuals as well as service businesses function and deliver.  Not only will it improve service, tracking of lives etc to a huge extent but is capable of being considered as a good expense restrain.

Important Benefits of IP Cameras

Mostly commonly used in the security industry the surveillance network IP camera send and receive information over a network or the internet. Over the past few years, IP camera have stormed the surveillance business and industries that are constantly hungry for the best and latest in security technology.  IP camera are preferred since it allows for easy of access and remote administration of the device. If a closed circuit analog IP security camera is used then accessing it remotely might be not really possible.Read more

There are several advantages of IP based camera systems, which is also a good reason why it is preferred over the analogue system.

Easy of use – IP based security cameras have one basic advantage over the rest. Imagine a cctv camera, which is another form of IP cameras. These cameras not only have the high ability to capture images but also store videos and image clippings onto a device. The device can be a computer facility, drives, or even a hard drive. Recorded images and recorded videos can be used or viewed at a later stage as required. The best part about the IP security cameras is that the images are never degraded or are not subject to wear. The hard disk or storage device can be located at a remote secure location, so that important information cannot be tampered with.

CablingNetwork IP camera cabling is cost effective, instead of installing a single cable for every camera, a single cable can support 4-8 cameras. Moreover these cables are inexpensive and since in most commercial as well as residential building where a network cable is already installed the expense is further reduced. For cctv cameras cctv video baluns are also a good choice. However it is best to choose video baluns that are category 5 since they are cost effective and can be run over long distances. This also means that the investment needed is much less as compared to normal coaxial cables. Still, though experts would suggest using the normal network IP cameras over cctv video baluns as they do not require multiple cables for multiple cctv cameras that especially function over a network.

Unlimited camera installation – An IP surveillance network system is not only robust and cost effective but it has a unique ability. Depending on the broadband strength or network signal that is responsible to transfer videos and images over the network additional cameras can be added to the existing network.

Image Quality – IP cameras are known for their high resolution images and videos that never wear even with the passage of time. The images are absolutely clear giving the viewer a detailed view of images captured in the video. Faces, objects, people, scene etc those are important especially if it a crime scene can be zoomed into without affecting much of the image quality. Since image data is digitally stored and hence is of high resolution and unlike analog systems where there is depreciation in the image quality. Analog systems suffer a great deal on this front since analog signals travel over a long distance which hampers its quality.

Video access – Accessing video that any IP cameras stores in digital formats is easily retrievable. In cases where a criminal investigation is involved, playing back videos several times is possible from any location as long as they have access to where the video are stored. Advanced IP cameras for surveillance are available in several leading stores like IINA India that come with built-in analytics. For today’s hi-tech environment intelligent systems allows commendable ability to pre-program commands like audio detections, event management , motion detection, tampering alarms etc. These are valuable commands since recoded videos can be organised and viewed in a way that will help the user to use information for various purposes.

Integration– This particular feature has become increasingly important in recent times as it allows the integration of an existing surveillance system with other systems that work on the same internet network. For e.g. the most common use would be; integrating a sales systems with alert or security systems that is most generally used for retail business or property.

Cost Effective – Business that specialize in security systems like IINA India believe that IP cameras today are much more cost friendly than the analog systems. This fact is derived from the number of preferred sales of IP cameras within the country. It is also beneficial since requirement for CCTV camera installation has reportedly risen. Unlike closed circuit systems that are good for individual households, IP cameras have a broader use and serve a macro perspective. It is essentially helpful since installing a CCTV camera within a network is easy and does not require additional cabling. Irrespective of how huge the network is, as long as there is a prominent established network system, the expense would only be on CCTV camera purchase. Moreover since it allows the flexibility of viewing quality images from anywhere over the network on a computer, the cost of organising systems is marked off.

IINA India’s Canteen Management System an effective automation system

Most organisations provide an additionally subsidiary facility for in-house employees. This subsidiary is entirely for the benefit and welfare of the employees and all those who visit and are allowed access. Employees prefer a canteen that not only serves excellent food, but ensures that there is enough for everyone, queues are attended to quickly, billing is quick, and service is efficient and swift. Apart from these factors there are several responsibilities of a canteen service. Automation of its services entirely and effectively is what makes is an effective canteen system. However since there are several factors involved in running a canteen, enforcing a particular system might seem a little tricky. Canteen management system (CMS) when used in canteen automation has not only improved efficiency and cut down on expenses but also ensured that only those allowed enter its premise.Read more

Canteen management system not just integrates all services that a canteen offers and requires but is also considered a user friendly system. IINA India looks at it as a new way of evolving into a paperless and cashless transaction system which is what most organisations and businesses are looking forward to. It also makes use of turnstile gates that ensures entry of authorised employees within its premise. It helps in reducing the fragility that canteens are open to because of any criminal activity or terrorist plan which has become a prominent negative. There are several other benefits of a well employed RFID canteen management system, here’s a brief look at them.

  • It does away with the use of paper and printing which is a major system in most canteens. It creates room for an almost cashless transaction for services given.
  • Service is fast and efficient and reduces overall cost
  • Categorization of goods, foods etc entering the premise as well keeping a tab on its usage
  • Placing orders when the need arises
  • Reconciliation of a canteen accounts is done on a real time basis
  • Data analysis is easier since multiple reports can be effectively generated
  • Possibility of multiple site operations since information about consumption and stock is at hand always

The ultimate selling point of the canteen management system is that it almost does away with canteen chaos which is an everyday issue especially during meal times. Walk into any organisations canteen at meal times and you will find serpent queues, billing issues and a lot of cacophony. Another common occurrence is food running out as a result some employees have to make do with unhealthy snacks. The RFID canteen management system is a super-efficient system that easily manages unmanageable chaos. It has even scored tops in organisations where there are 5000+ employees. Taking care of food supplies and ensuring every employee at work gets their plate of food is a task well achieved.

Payment of meals in canteens is where the entire ruckus lies. Billing without doubt is a tedious task, and a crowd of hungry employees only makes room for a lot of unaccounted bills and several other billing errors. This brings down productivity to a huge extent. With the canteen management system that is also functions as a turnstile gate, it is now possible to keep track of bills, payments of meals easy, track usage of food coupons, food programs within just a few seconds. Cash management is not only trouble free but the ability of the system to create a cashless environment is also possible without encountering major glitches.

RFID canteen management system has a simple working system. The initial process is that every employee is issues a RFID canteen card or employee finger print. This card or employee finger print is responsible for keeping unwanted or non-employees out of its premise; this is also known as the tripod/ Flap barriers gate. The card is generally a pre-paid card or as per the organisations plans, this card is simply swiped at the counter of Biometric cum RFID terminal and the meal amount is deducted from the card or updated in the database. Obviously employees can order for food against the cards monetary balance or it can work as post paid thing where all the transaction will be recorded for the month and the deduction from employee salary would be made as per employee and employer contribution. Once the balance on the card reaches nil or at the end of month, the employee can top it up. In case the employee requests for a refund it is done so at the recharge counter. Employees can also issue or ask for a new card is the card is lost or cannot be used.

IINA India suggests the placement of card recharge portals with HR desk where employee cards can be recharged, replaced or topped up at. This is highly advisable for companies where the work force is huge and individual attention to these important details is not possible. This will again improve time management within the organisation ensuring in quicker and much effective service.

It is impossible for organisations to ignore the possibilities and effectives the Biometric cum RFID based canteen management system allows. It not only solves a lot of hassles but also pulls up required records and details on a monthly basis as required. Total canteen consumption, number of meals served, no of employees, prices of edibles as well as non-edibles, contactors payments, salaries of service personnel are just a few important things that the system is capable of taking care of.

Biometric attendance system dealers in Lucknow

New age attendance systems are much better than the regular pen, paper and register. It not only do these automated systems help keep a tab on employee work details but also ensures that data is real and not tampered with. These are a few causes biometric attendance system dealers in Lucknow can guarantee its buyers. There are several genuine biometric attendance system in Lucknow who have been continually catering to the city’s needs in this system. Apparently this biometric system can be installed not only in the usual offices and small organisations but has been proven effective in hospitals, shops, airports, government organisations and even in schools.Read more

Biometric device dealers in Lucknow also cite various applications of this simple yet effective device. Some of these applications are access control system, visitor management, work management, work hours and attendance tracker etc, are some that top the list. Until now biometric access control in Lucknow was largely used for organisations and offices, like the rest of the cities within the country and world over. It was a convenient method to track employees doing away with the age old traditional method of attendance systems. These systems have in fact contributed to organisations in several possible ways, one visible positive being regular and correct employee salary calculation.

Today biometric security system in Lucknow is also quiet effectively being used in schools. In fact it has been recommended as a cost effective and easy method to keep track of school teacher’s attendance. Thereby doing away with false or buddy attendances which were generally the case, especially in small towns and cities. The biometric security system in Lucknow schools and colleges will also ensure that student’s attendance records are managed and monitored effectively. Obviously this does away with a lot of student absenteeism, manipulation of attendance and buddy attendance which is rampant among students in school. Biometric device dealers in Lucknow have rightly seen an increase in sales among these specific devices for schools and colleges.

Choosing the right biometric device dealers in Lucknow is however imperative. This will ensure that state norms on biometric attendance system in Lucknow are met on all fronts. Although most biometric security system in Lucknow is genuine, it is advisable to choose the best features. Biometric attendance system dealers in Lucknow and across the globe has varied it and created for various purposes. For e.g. the storage facility of number of fingerprint scans in a system might differ. High storage capacity biometric access control in Lucknow can be used for bigger schools and colleges that have several students and teachers. Small primary schools and government schools on the other hand can choose ones with lower storage capacity, one that would fit their requirement beneficially.

When choosing the right biometric attendance system in Lucknow it is also imperative to understand certain other features. These include software capability, ease in implementation, quick availability of tech support for software and hardware, payroll options and scanned output details.

There are several types of biometric access control in Lucknow; giving buyers a varied option to choose from eye recognition systems, fingerprint scanning systems, voice recognition systems and hand recognition systems. Although these systems sound rather complicated, they are easy to use and handle. However, the fingerprint scanners are a better option for schools and colleges where new students are added every year and once done with their schooling need to be erased from the database. Once biometric attendance systems in Lucknow are installed in schools and colleges, students and teacher’s attendance can be effectively tracked. Each student and teacher will get an identification id that is unique and will only trigger the system once the right fingerprint is scanned and identified. Once installation of biometric access control in Lucknow is effective not only students but teachers in time and going out time will be recorded. The management will have a comprehensive data that will show time duration spent in the classroom etc. This is an affirmative step in the system as it will hold student responsible if they bunk classes. Teachers too can be reprimanded or effective action can be taken if they are noted to bunk classes or not do their work effectively.

The outcome of installing biometric attendance system in Lucknow has several benefits. Not only will it keep attendance of teachers, students and management’s attendance in check, but will ensure effective and right remuneration roll-out. The core activity of teaching and learning in classrooms will be effective. The management too is left with ample time to focus on other activities like improving school requirements etc, since these biometric access control systems take care of the task of calculating payouts. Another advantage is that schools and colleges will enjoy a lot more flexibility and every individual will be responsible. The data is impossible to be tampered with since control rooms will be administered by authorities of the state. Hence information generated from these biometric access control system will be real and tamper proof.

CCTV camera dealers in Lucknow are witness to increase in demand

Dome camera in mumbaiThe rising importance of security even in every Indian city is slowly and steadily being recognised. Rise in cctv camera dealers in Lucknow are just examples that even tier II cities are gearing up to build a safe society. Households and businesses to have understood the protection that safety cameras offer. Video surveillance dealers in Lucknow have hence seen a spurt of growth in demand for cctv cameras. Understanding the need of the hour, people are no longer hesitant to buy cctv cameras in Lucknow. It goes without any question that cctv camera dealers in Lucknow are willing to ply with customer demands.Read more

There is an undoubted need for surveillance since crime and theft in cities and even small towns are fuelling. With several crimes occurring in cities and towns, it is only natural that businesses and home owners are ready to buy cctv cameras in Lucknow and install them in their homes and offices. Video surveillance dealers in Lucknow have suggested that although the rise in demand for surveillance cameras has not been a jaw dropping number, the rise over the past few years has been significant and average, although consistent. Several businesses in Lucknow like malls, movie theatres, offices and every kind of commercial entrance today finds the need to deter crime by using surveillance cameras.

Demand for dome cameras in Lucknow has been a preferred choice among businesses. Since these are easy to install and maintain along with providing high level of security scrutiny and recording. Dome cameras in Lucknow are also increasingly used in girls and men hostels where it is assumed that crime could occur or stem from the most. CCTV camera dealers in Lucknow have identified this need for security in hostels and group homes and have been at the forefront of providing its residents some of the best equipment and technology in surveillance cameras.

Dome camera lucknow

The need for home cctv surveillance cameras too has seen a huge demand. It is not only the spurt in crime and theft in the city that has driven up the demand in surveillance cameras. Simple household reasons too have been the main reason why homes and residences prefer to install cctv surveillance cameras. The need to keep a watchful check on the house maid or even keep a watch on spouse’s activity and children’s activity when elders are away have been good enough motive for people to buy surveillance cameras. Regular enquiry and measured requirement are specifics most cctv camera dealers in Lucknow are experiencing.

Experts and dealers in surveillance cameras in the city believe that the rise in demand for these instruments is only going to ascend. A continuing demand stemming from the population growth, increase in safety awareness, emerging economy and new infrastructure is some of the common reasons. Although there has not been a sporadic rise in demand, there is a gradual demand and this will only continue to grow. Also the growth in crime rates and increasing media attention which is responsible in creating crime awareness will push forth growth in this particular demand area.

CCTV dealers in Lucknow and those responsible in the governing departments are of the belief that streamlining law and order in the city is of prime concern. This is possible only with strategic installing of video and dome cameras in Lucknow. It includes public places, public transport areas, public crossings, lobbies of commercial and residential buildings etc. It has become and imperative task for the city to complete installation of working cameras at all proposed destinations and corners within the stipulated time frame. The hurry is for no other reason but to ensure safety of citizens, the city’s environment and surrounding at the earliest. Along with installation of cctv cameras in the city ensuring that control rooms with state-of-the-art facilities are functional and serve the purpose of curbing crime.

magic camera lucknow

However cctv camera dealers in Lucknow ask residents and businesses to be cautious when buying surveillance equipment. Since there are several types of security infrastructure available it can get a bit difficult to make the right pick for ones requirement. Often people rush to buy these equipments without analysing their budget and need and end up buying what others have recommended to do so. It needs to be noted that every individuals need for security is different. For e.g. for homes that have elderly folk at home while the others are off to work would benefit from cameras installed at the home entrance, whereas for those wanting to record activity within a premise could opt for dome cameras within their homes. With cost effective surveillance cameras easily available there is something that will suit every individual needs.

With excellent recording of quality voice and video it is possible to keep theft and crime in control. Individuals and businesses can also choose from monotone coloured cameras to coloured cameras, of course this again depends on their specific requirement. It is easier today with the advancement of technology to have the best security surveillance cameras available in the city. These simple yet effective systems have helped the world over in holding those responsible for even the pettiest of crimes to the most notoriously framed ones. Definitely cctv dealers in Lucknow view this as a boon for its residents.

Time attendance system dealers in Lucknow

time attendance system lucknow

Time attendance system dealers in Lucknow are stocking up on some of the best technology in attendance systems. There is a huge assortment of choice for everyone right from high-end offices to even homes. Those looking to install this technology the first time or even wanting to upgrade their existing systems will find time attendance solutions stocked up with access control system dealers in Lucknow. However time attendance system dealers in Lucknow have witnessed that those interested in buying these systems do not particularly know much about this method. It is imperative that buyers make the right choice that fits their every need of an attendance system.Read more

 Companies today within the city no matter how large or small are laying a lot of emphasis and scrutinizing work hours entered in my employees. In today’s world time is of essence and quality time put in at work will bring in the profits. With this recognition of importance, choosing the right attendance systems should be done with utmost precision. As a result of this want, time attendance system dealers in Lucknow are bringing in solutions that can benefit both employees and employers.

One such device is the access control system that allows access to a floor of a building or an area only to those employees who are authorised to do so. These systems today are easily available from access control system dealers in Lucknow, who have on offer integrated systems that suit every type of requirement. These systems are helpful in providing entry to only those who are allowed. It prevents accesses to unauthorised personnel, illegal entries as well as monitoring of those who have accessed the area, building or perimeter. Electronic door control in this case is possible with either a swipe card, and RFID keyfob or even the biometric control system. However the most commonly used access control system is the swipe card where the user has to simply swipe the access card on the reader that first does the job of recognising the user. Once the user is recognised through information stored in the database, the user is allowed to access the floor, work area or building.

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Time attendance dealers in Lucknow have identified another system that is easy to use and maintain especially in offices. The fingerprint access control devices for offices are the latest this technology has to offer. Fingerprint scanner dealers in Lucknow are continually providing offices and huge companies with this state-of-the-art technology. A few years ago this very technology seemed too far fetched for organisations. The technology does away completely with any type of access keys or cards that are commonly used in offices to access a premise or building. The system is based on the biometric fingerprint scanner where attributes of the finger lines are stored. Fingerprint scanner dealers in Lucknow consider this to be a fool proof system that does away with any possibility of identical fingerprint scans. A person is allowed entry into a certain area only if the scanner recognises the fingerprint scan, which is compares from among those prints stored in its database. Not only do these systems allow authorised entry and exit of employees and employers but it also clocks in and out time effectively and without any paperwork requirement. With an automated system as this in place it is now possible for organisations that deal with classified data to work with information securely. There is no question of stolen information since the system is integrated with robust reporting capabilities. With a number of pre-built in reporting systems, viewing who goes in and out of the office or area, recording clocked in work hours, easily identifying employees etc can deter anyone from wanting to steal information.

Time attendance system dealers in Lucknow continually note an increase in biometric time attendance systems. Although sales of biometric time attendance system in Lucknow do not touch a high peak as in other major metros and cities, there is a considerable rise in its requirement. Even small companies recognise the fact that an automated biometric system not only does away with a lot of paperwork, but ensures time management and keeping track of employee’s attendance and work hours which allows the business to grow. Biometric time attendance system in Lucknow is available in various models and at the best price. These come with detailed specifications allowing businesses to choose a system that works best for them. Most of these dealers also offer installation support and maintenance of the entire biometric system. They even offer to centrally configure systems so that control is monitored from a singular location. This allows management of employees scattered across locations and branches from a single centralised system. It not only cuts down on time, but also ensures quality in attendance tracking. It is a huge price saver and recommended for even small offices who want to manage time effectively.

The Increasing importance of Biometric Attendance Systems

Used in almost every field and organisation across the globe, India is soon waking up to the advantages of using biometric attendance systems. Only recently, the Imphal State Government announced the use of biometric attendance systems in schools and colleges. It will be used to mark attendance of students and teachers. Students with low attendance will be barred from appearing their respective examinations. With smaller cities and states now responding to the beneficial uses of the biometric attendance, manual attendance marking will soon be redundant.Read more

The biometric attendance system can be used in almost every kind of institution and type of organisation. It first made its presence felt in huge MNC organisations in the country where keeping track of the employee work hours was an essential factor. The HR department in the organisation benefitted the most with the use of biometric attendance systems since it not just produced records of tracked worked hours, but also worked as an attendance tracker. This did away with a lot of paperwork, and manual attendance systems that were easily manipulated. Moreover it left the HR department a lot more time on their hands, allowing them to give importance to other work areas that needed attention, e.g. focus on employee and employee engagement.

Although the biometric attendance system has huge benefits in its kitty, there is still a part of the business world that has stayed ignorant to its uses. Citing most of their reasons towards it being an expensive equipment that requires expensive maintenance etc. Contrary to misled belief about the biometric attendance, installing one in your office is in fact a profitable investment. With the biometric attendance cutting down time spent in manually calculating work hours, time logged in at work, understanding losses because of late or less clocked in work hours etc. all add up to its ROI.

The biometric attendance system works on an excellent principle which is recognising an individual through their psychological or physical characteristics. The most commonly used biometric attendance used is the one that identifies employees through their physical characteristics. Some of the physical features these machines measure are fingerprint, retina scan, hand geometry, voice recognition, handwriting, and iris face recognition. The information stored in these systems is safe and cannot be stolen making these systems very reliable. We all know that personal information in some systems can be easily recreated by reverse-engineering or even tampered with. The use of biometric attendance even if stolen cannot be meddled with or its information cannot be recreated which is essential since employee information should be kept away from miscreants.

The biometric attendance system is persistently gaining its much deserved importance because it is effortless, and requires only a swipe of the hand, finger or scanning the iris to recognise the person. The biometric attendance system technology has been making huge progress in the last few years. Its cutting edge technology and much reduced costs as compared to a few years ago make it a profitable investment for any type and size of business. Several government offices around the country have understood the need for biometric attendance systems and the benefits it employs. For example the Margo Municipal-Council too recently decided to install biometric attendance systems to track attendance of its employees.

Understanding the working of a biometric attendance is very simple. Fingerprint optical scanners are most commonly used in most government and private organisations; here is a brief understanding on how the system works.

A biometric scanner has two jobs;

  1. Scan or get an image of your finger
  2. Match your scanned finger image that includes patterns of, ridges, valleys to your fingers pre-scanned image that is stored in its database.

Finger patterns like minute ridges and lines constantly keep changing. The Biometric attendance stores information of those patterns that have specific characteristic that is present in almost every fingerprint scan. These scanned images are saved as an encrypted biometric key and in some cases it is a mathematical representation. This disallows the misuse of information which is possible if only a scanned image was stored. The information stored is a set of binary code which is next to impossible to convert to an image. Duplication of fingerprints is therefore impossible. Think binary code in a computer system, the information stored in the biometric attendance is much similar to it.

This simple system of fingerprint scan has now several organisations thriving on its reliability, also because of the reduction in direct and indirect labour costs, apart from its several operational benefits.