Flap Barrier


  • Opening times as of 0.3 sec
  • MHTM TM Drive Unit
  • 3 different body sizes
  • Free passage in case of a power failure
  • Suitable for wheelchaires, bicycles and other means of transport
  • Integration of identity media

The MPR (Magnetic Pedestrian Retractable) series is designed to control pedestrians entering or exiting restricted areas, usually under surveillance in low security situations. Personal surveillance is therefore recommended as the barrier can be breached.

Three different models are available. The standard model has an aisle width of 520 mm and the wide lane disabled model has an aisle width of 960 – 990 mm. The construction consists of sheet metal housings that can be extended with intermediate parts to a user-defined line configuration corresponding to the needs, e. g. in case of a high throughput. The aisle is blocked by means of a retractable triangular wing made of an aluminum core construction covered by PU-foam. Alternatively, an acrylic glass wing is available. After an opening pulse the wing retracts into the housing, consequently the aisle is completely clear. It closes immediately after passage or after an adjustable time -out.

The opening and closing times of the wings are from 0,3 – 0,6 sec., depending on the type of wing used.

The housing

The construction consists of different segments bolted together. The middle segment contains the controller and drive unit. The middle segment has two hinged locked doors providing access to the controller and drive mechanism. Various optional access control devices (such as card  readers, finger print readers etc.) can be accommodated on a stainless steel fascia panel located at each end segment of the pedestrian barrier.

At each barrier end (entry side) you will find a so called LED Gate End Display (GED) that displays the current operational state to the user. Green arrow for entry free, red cross for passage locked. This design is for indoor installations and made of polished 430 stainless steel with protection class IP 32.

Wing types

The 250 mm model is available with two wing types, that are either a composition of an aluminum core with PU-foam coating or alternatively a 20 mm acrylic glass. Only this patented construction allows to block an aisle of 960/990 mm with the slim housing width of 280 mm. The level of hardness for the soft wing will be approx. 55 shore as standard. With the use of soft wings the risk of injury or damage is minimized, even in the event of a visitor running into the closed retractable barrier. Furthermore, a significant increase of the opening und closing time can be achieved, resulting in a much better tailgating behavior to reach to the customer’s advantage.

The drive unit

The MHTM™ technology with resolver technique is the key of the drive unit. The DC motor allows a direct drive of the gate wing without additional gear. In connection with the new universal MBC controller we can provide functional features that are very useful and expedient for our customers. The motor offers numerous benefits including a near noiseless operation, smallest dynamic impact forces, impact detection, lowest abrasion and highest opening- and closing times. The impact detection interrupts the closing operation in the event that the wing is obstructed. In this event the wing reverses (opens automatically). Impact detection helps to eliminate any possible injury or damage on luggage.

In the closed mode operation the wings will be locked by means of a lever system. The wings automatically open when power fails and thus free passage is ensured. The MHTM™ drive operates under constant power in the home position; therefore the heat dissipated prevents any  condensation and prolongs the life of the motor.


For prohibition of an early or unintentional closing, e. g. if accompanied luggage remains in the housing area, the housings are fitted with light beams. The closing pressure is far under the legal requirements, therefore with our soft wings the risk of injury or damage is minimized, even in  the event of a person running into the closed retractable barrier.

Logic Functions

The barrier can be operated in two different functional modes: Mode 1 is a single closed mode, that is controlled via safety beams for safety and fast closing function. Furthermore, the GED (Gate End Displays) are controlled compliant to the logic. Mode 2 is fitted with two additional light

beams installed at the both barrier ends.

Mode 2 additional functions:

  • Lock of the card reader when a person entering the barrier.
  • Activation of alert in case of enteringwithout booking (access control)
  • Automatic opening
  • Controlling of the GED

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