• Opening times as of 2.5 sec
  • Motor-driven, electromechanical or mechanical version
  • Variable materials and finishings
  • Free passage in case of a power failure
  • Cashier function for paid access


The MPP (Magnetic Pedestrian Pivot) series is designed to control pedestrians entering or exiting restricted areas, usually under surveillance, in low security situations. Personal surveillance is therefore recommended as the barrier can be breached. The barrier consists of a rotating center, at 3 x 120 degrees, providing single access via a card reader or external control panel through steps of 1 x 120 degrees.

The operation of the barrier allows for controlled two directional pedestrian flow and is capable of blocking in either direction, or free rotation in either direction This model can be used in two directional control applications with a high usage of pedestrian traffic such as: railway platforms, passenger terminals and sport stadiums.

The housing

The construction consists of a center housing connected to two end modules. The center housing has a dust / waterproof hinged locked cover providing optimumaccess to the controllers and electro-mechanical drive mechanism. Various optional access control devices (such as card readers, finger print readers etc) can be accommodated on a facia panel at the ends of the barrier each. Optional: Removable facia panels either made of stainless steel or “Makrolon” (a sort of synthetic material) is available on demand. The pivot barrier design is also available in

two constructions.

    • Version 1: Standard type for indoor installationsPolished steel plate 430 stainless steel with protection class IP 32
    • Version 2:For outdoor installations. (No roofing required.)Polished steel plate 316L stainless steel with protection class IP 44
    • The drive unitThe MHTM™ drive unit allows a direct drive of the rotating center without additional gear. In connection with the logic controller we can provide functional features that are very useful and expedient for our customers. The drive unit offers a near noiseless operation, smallest dynamic impact forces, lowest abrasion and highest positioning accuracy of the rotating arms. Performance and speed of the motor is set by a response curve, i. e. the motor will try to meet the set position and speed regardless the user stopping the turnstile arm during rotation. This provides an optimized

      running behavior. Thus accelerating or over spinning of the home position is almost eliminated.

      In the case of the motor power being insufficient to prevent someone from an illegal entry or a vandalism forced rotation in the opposite direction, then activation of a secondary coupling will prevent fraudulent use. Under normal operation the secondary coupling is inactive. The retention force of the secondary coupling is in the range of 700 – 800 N applied at the ends of the turnstile arms.

      The secondary coupling is designed to slip in excess of forces greater then 800 N in order to prevent the mechanical damage to the drive mechanism. Under these circumstances the system will reset and the rotating center will find home position.

      The MHTM motor operates under constant power in the home position; therefore the heat dissipated prevents any condensation and prolongs the life of the motor.


      Optionally, the MPP Pedestrian Pivot can be fitted with a patented Drop Arm. It is designed for the case of emergency, e. g. fire alarm, accident or in the event of power failure to allow free passage. Hence, the turnstile arm turns down after power fails or is manually switched off. When power resumes the turnstile arm returns to it’s correct position and the rotating center resets and returns to the operating home position.


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