Access Control System

Benefits of an Access Control System in Day Care Centers:

Access control is, in fact, nothing but “who, where and when may occur”. Thus, an access control system recognizes a person who has a valid ticket, determines whether it is entitled to the place at the right time, and whether access is granted or not.

Access control means end-to-end security and is, therefore, an important link in almost every security plan. Too often, the risks of a company or an institution are underestimated “during opening hours”. In many cases, a company or office is most at risk during full occupancy.

You can apply access controls to entrances and exits, but also control access to specific rooms or premises via door access control. The electronic access control brings many practical advantages. If you e.g. lose the card, it can be easily removed from the system and made unusable. By losing normal keys, the problems and costs, on the contrary, can be significant. Furthermore, with a simple intervention, it is also possible to detect the presence of persons so that the receptionist of a company can quickly see which employees/visitors are present.


For an Example – Here we will see about its benefits in Day Care Centers:

In numerous nursing homes and kindergartens, they have already installed biometric access controls that guarantee the highest level of security. They are able to continuously improve our products and solutions.

As kindergartens are among our largest customer base in biometric access control, we asked them to list ten benefits they associate with using our biometric solutions.

Benefits of an Access Control System in Day Care Centers:

Fingerprint authentication increases the safety of children.

The numerous additional benefits allow you to see which invoices have not been paid.

It is possible to set time periods, in which access to the building exists – for example, in the morning or in the evening.

It’s easy to write exemption reports – for example, if a child is brought too early and picked up too late.

Speakers can call the child’s name when the parents arrive to pick it up. (For example, Leas dad is here to pick her up “)

The working hours of the employees are recorded digitally, thus an additional attendance check takes place at the employees, which facilitates payslips.

Door alarms may indicate doors that are not locked or ajar – thus ensuring the safety of the children.

Biometric access control is a unique selling proposition to other kindergartens that do not have such safety factors.

The system is characterized by easy operability.

It saves the employee’s time they spend accessing other colleagues, parents, or authorized people.

In today, the world of new inventions, there are many different types of access control system is available. Various access devices can also be used: magnetic cards, near field communication cards, and etc. You can choose between turnstiles, speed gates, tripods or any other solution. You may buy depending on your needs and wishes, an access control system can be developed according to your needs and wishes.