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Importance of Security Devices in Canteen

The protection in canteen should be a top priority, due to the nature of its trade, design, location and hours of service. This makes them a greater target for crime. The security challenges that the hospitality and restaurant sector faces have several key aspects. It is vital that owners of canteens, restaurants, and pubs take appropriate measures to help protect their premises, staff, and customers.

These types of establishments are propitious scenarios for theft, robbery or internal theft. The main reason that exists for a robbery is simply that it is easy to do so and that there is little or no risk of committing it. That is why adopting some simple but effective measures by those responsible for the premises can avoid any upset.

Canteen Devices System

Security and Protection in Canteens and Restaurants:

Put the light on all the exterior points of the entrance installing them in such a way that they are difficult to reach or manipulate.

Install closures on the windows that cannot be unlocked in case they break the glass.

Install security glasses: they are highly effective as they deter theft.

Install detectors in the entrance and in the windows to detect if there is an opening of the door and glass breaks.

Install systems for the control of access to restricted areas or whose access is limited (e.g. warehouses, kitchens, cash register, warehouses, etc.)

Use an access control system with cards instead of traditional keys – access cards cannot be duplicated.

Install a closed circuit television (CCTV) system because it allows employees to be monitored and serves as a deterrent to theft when employees are aware that it exists.

Install silent alarms that send the signal to the Alarm Receiving Center and activate the warning processes to catch the thieves.

A good plan to follow includes an appropriate combination of technologies, including CCTV, monitoring alarms and, if applicable, product labeling. This can help reduce risks and ensure that incidents are handled quickly and appropriately.

What is Importance of Security Devices in Canteen?

CCTV technology is one of the most important crimes prevention tools for canteens and restaurants. Not only does it deter criminals from committing crimes, but also archival material can also be used to support investigations into incidents involving clients or staff.

In addition, closed-circuit television (CCTV) technology can help reduce the cost of security of this type of establishments through the support of virtual guard patrols. The virtual guards work by allowing operators to view CCTV images in real time from a remote monitoring center. The realization of patrols of the facilities is established by a schedule set by the owner of the canteen, if necessary.

A secure monitoring service is another important line of defense for canteen and restaurants, especially after closing. In case of jumping the alarm of the establishment, it is difficult to know what has happened if the premises is already closed, a professionally monitored alarm service will bring the owner peace of mind knowing that your security provider will respond quickly to an emergency.