Magic Camera

Magic camera virtual webcam is also known as magic camera which creates virtual webcams on Microsoft windows. It has webcam enhancing programme for web effects and web chats. It works for all cameras such as (HD) webcams, TV/video capture cards, digital cameras, IP cameras, camcorders, etc. It creates special effects on webcam which appears magical. It can be used for applications like windows live messenger, AIM, yahoo messenger, Camfrog, Justin TV, Skype, chat roulette, etc. It enhances your webcam with thousand plus features. Moreover, it adds a virtual webcam to let you play files, screens and video effects on video chat. It captures picture and shoot videos in high resolution HD quality.


It allows you to be as creative as possible. Make yourself mono eye monster, create clones easily, make your images fly and what not. It is not used for any kind of camera surveillance but for recreational purposes. While having video chat with your friend you can do creativity and make your conversation fun by making yourself Santa or allowing a digitally created cat to sit on your head, roar like a tiger by sticking nose and ears of a tiger on your image, convert your face into a spooky skeleton, distort your face to look funny, allow virtual rain to fall in your background and infinite editing. It is available in many languages other than English like Arabic, Chinese, Russian, Danish, Portuguese, French, Spanish, etc.

Some Main Features:

Amazing photo frames

Unique visual filters with transform effects

Webcam background can replaced with pictures/videos with the help of real time.

You can add funny edits like masks, noses, hats, glares by webcam face tracking.

You also add paint/doodle on webcam videos.

It has a feature of image overlay and video overlay.

Add cool and fantastic popup flashes and gif animations to webcam.

Type text directly or paint on video to chat with your companion.

Add picture in a picture.

Add video scenes while video calling.

Effects that customize your video. The source, position, size, transparence of the subject and objects in a video are editable,

Advanced users can develop complicated video effects using any programming language.