Palm Vein Based Time Attendance System

Biometric is attaining a great popularity in this generation as it offers the secured and reliable time attendance system to examine the physical characters of the person and record the analysis in the easiest way. One such system is palm vein machine which is famous for its accuracy and flexibility to use. Since the palm shapes and structure is not similar, it avoids the duplicate entry of a worker by another in his absence. It is fast, easy, and secure authentication of a worker which can be used in the different areas like banking, healthcare, high-security areas, offices, education institutes, logical access, membership, vehicles, and much more.

How Does the Vein Recognition Machine Works?

In order to utilize the system, a person is required to place his/her hands near the system. The scanner reads the veins of the person’s hand and makes a digital record of the structure of your palm. The light identifies the hemoglobin and is captured in the form of black-colored lines. The machine takes the analysis of the palm of a person and then enters the information which is then further used for the identification of a person by comparing the palm structure of a person with the database. According to the science, even the palm pattern of the twins is not identical. Therefore, there is no chance of fraud.

Benefits of Using the Palm Vein Recognition System

Palm vein recognition machine is not only applicable in schools, colleges, and working places but it can be used in public areas which need high security like government agencies, financial institutions, and security forces. It is a contactless machine as it scans the palm without placing it on the scanner and protects the people from the spreading virus, bacteria, and several hazardous organisms. Some common benefits of the palm vein time attendance system are as follows:

Difficult to forge

Easy to operate

Create multi-model solutions

Lower the cost of operations

Higher user acceptance

The machine provided high durability as even in the worst accident the veins structure does not change.