• Contactless authentication is hygienic and non-invasive
  • Advanced authentication algorithm produces a high level of accuracy with an FAR (false accept rate) of 0.00008%
  • FRR (false reject rate) of 0.01%
  • SDK (Software Development Kit) for developers integrating the PalmSecure technology
  • Biometric authentication for third party Single Sign-On (SSO) solutions with PalmSecure LOGONDIRECTOR
  • Option available with certification under the International Common Criteria for Information Technology Security Evaluation as Evaluation Assurance Level 2
  • CNIL Certification
  • Fast and easy enrollment (under one minute)
  • Fast, easy, and secure authentication (under one second)
Technical Specification
Supply voltage (from USB power) 4.4 to 5.4V (Input current: up to 500mA)
Power consumption 2.5W or less
FAR (false accept rate)
FRR (false reject rate)
Interface USB 2.0
Palm focal length
(from sensor surface)
2 inches from the surface of the sensor
(+/- a half inch)
Reliability MTBF (mean time between failure): 
830,000 hours (94 years)
Life of Unit: 5 years
Authentication response time less than 1 second
Sensor surface material Glass
Acoustic noise None
Operating temperature 0° to 60°C
Outer dimensions 1.37(W) x 1.37(D) x 1.06(H) inches
Weight 50g (approx.)
Supported OS Client: 
Windows® 7, XP Pro, Vista, 
Redhat Linux Ver. 4 & 5
Windows Server 2003 and 2008, 
Redhat Linux ver. 4 & 5
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