RFID Access Control System

Operating and Advantages of RFID Access Control System

RFID technology (Radio Frequency Identification) born as an alternative to automatic identification of products or objects. RFID technology is composed of chip, antenna, reader, and software. Its reading is done by radio waves and its data can be modified in each exposure to the reader.

RFID not only has the advantage of facilitating the creation of systems that store much more information but that It also allows you to identify a product or object as unique.

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) Cards:

RFID Access Control System is widely used in the form of Cards. RFID cards are increasingly used in business environments since they do not require physical contact with the reading system. These are access control cards by radiofrequency. Its main objective is to facilitate security within the facilities and expedite the entry and exit of customers and authorized personnel in any place of access.

This mode is replacing the barcode labels and magnetic cards since the constant friction for data reading does not occur, its duration is longer, the estimated reading time is reduced, and security is increased.

Operating of RFID Cards:

Its operation is quite simple. First, an RFID chip with a unique identification code is inserted into the cards. It is a radiofrequency identification technology by which a reading device analyzes the data of the card, allowing the person to approach it to the machine, simply by proximity.

This RFID chip is assigned to a user and when the person approaches with his identification card the reader transmits a low power radio signal and this is captured by the access mechanism through his own antenna.

Advantages of using RFID Cards:

One of the main advantages of contactless cards or proximity is that, by not being introduced anywhere and no friction with any mechanism. It has greater durability than any other type of reading. This system is very profitable and effective.

Another benefit of this technology is that the frequency issued with these cards does not interfere in any way with other electronic devices.

RFID cards allow identification much faster and more efficiently than traditional barcodes since it decodes information from many sources at the same time.

Protection against counterfeiting, which gives these RFID cards a greater guarantee of security for both the company and the customer.