Single Apartment – VDP

Video door phone is a new generation high tech intercom which allows you to communicate with visitors outside through a camera and speaker before letting your door to be opened for them. It is security system which is generally placed at the entrance of buildings, offices, private residents, confidential areas, etc. Today video intercoms are also compatible with computers including TCP/IP.

There are video door phone intercom available for single apartment and multi apartments. Unlike the multi apartment where the intercom is placed at the gateway of a multi apartment building and from there a visitor can communicate audio visually with the person he is wishing to meet, single apartment video door phone are for private houses like villas or individual flats.

Installation of a Video Door Phone Intercom

The set up includes equipments need to be mounted outside as well as inside. There is a camera fitted out which captures the image and broadcast it to the LCD monitor placed inside. The outside panel is also consist of push buttons which works as a door bell which happens to be in form of a call. The insiders gets the notification of the call and communicate through microphone placed both outside and inside. Along with the mic, speakers are necessary to amplify the voice of both. Then there is an earpiece which may be similar to telephone handset or it can be hands free. After the audio visual confirmation, there is a device attached to it called electronic door release which enables the door to open automatically.

Features of a Video Door Phone.

The camera installed on the entrance has the night vision and ability to manage brightness as per the ambience. It is made up of waterproof and weather resistant material. Outside panel is also liable to vandalism so its body needs a covering of a strong metal. It offers hands free communication. The camera lens is also adjustable to a wide range.

These days companies manufacturing video intercom are offering infrared LED compensation along with low maintenance and easy installation features. There is an option of storing the images of visitors every time they push the button to make a call or touch the video entry system.