Multi Apartment – VDP

Video door phone or video intercom is used at the entrance of home to identify the visitor through audiovisual communication which happens between the insider and the outsider. It is obviously a video security system which is controlled by the insider and allow them to open the entrance gate only if required after having the conversation with visitor or identifying the person. It is generally used at the doors of personal residents, offices, apartments, etc.


Video door phone needs set up to be placed both inside and outside. First is the outdoor panel or street panel is placed at the entrance, made to withstand the inclement weather conditions and vandalism. It has various pushbuttons to make calls, a micro camera with night vision which records the visitor at the gateway and broadcast it on the monitor placed inside, a microphone to catch the sound and a speaker to amplify the sound for the vigilant inside.

Indoor, there is a monitor, microphone and earpiece placed for making it a two way communication channel. Then there is an electric door release device installed at the gateway lock to open only after the consent of the person observing from inside.

Multi Apartment Video Phone System

Video door phone can used for many apartments of a same building for ensuring the security outside the door of the apartment and also at the entrance of the building. In this placement each apartment is provided with a phone and having a monitor and two button switches, one for viewing the outdoor area by activating the outdoor unit and another for opening the main door.

How a Multi Apartment Video Door Phone Works

Visitor at the entrance of the building pushes the desired button designated with that flat number he wants to visit. The monitor placed inside the apartment shows the notification. Now the insider can communicate audio visually with the visitor before opening the entrance gate for him.


It is made up of weather and water resistant electronics.

The outer body is designed out of a strong metal to make it anti-vandal.

It offers hands free communication.

It has super adjustable camera with night vision.

It thwarts crimes like theft, burglary, etc.