Face Recognition Based Time Attendance System

In today’s generation, the biometric system is increasing rapidly and has the major contribution in terms of security of an organization. Using this technique, the employee can easily clock-in and clock-out of the office. Though the fingerprint-based biometric system is a strong instrument, the biometric face recognition based time attendance system works effectively and even better than the former.  The system captures the face structure of the worker and hence helps to ascertain the number of leaves taken by the employees or their working hours. The system saves time and labor cost by eliminating pen and paperwork.

How Does the System Work?

The face recognition system either uses 2-D images or 3-D images to recognize and capture the images of the employees in the computer. This information is used when the same employee uses the system for the entry or exit in the working place. It scans the facial features of the employee and matches the same with the previous data and allows the worker to enter only after the successful match of his identity. Apart from recording absence and presence, the face recognition biometric system is eligible to enter the information regarding the overtime or part-time employees. Since it is an automated machine, it does not require to be observed in the whole day.

Advantages of Using Face Recognition Machine

The biometric face recognition machine is very famous time attendance system especially in the large business organization because it provides the business with tight security and records the entry of both the employees and the outsiders. The machine also serves as a proof in case of a tragedy or accident by revealing the face of the people involved in the same.

As the workers are not compelled to touch the monitor, it defends the people from the physical illness like flu, virus, and bacterial disease. Moreover, it saves the time. It also avoids buddy punching and duplication of one’s identity by another. Unlike humans who can make errors while recording the data, the machine is very accurate and provides the business with error-free information of the workers.