Wi-Fi Devices

Biometric Time Attendance System Using the Wi-Fi devices

With the advanced technologies, the time records, entry and exit, and the presence and absence of the employees can be easily tracked using the Wi-Fi-based biometric time attendance system. The system does not require any cable or wires to identify the human’s fingerprints. It simply works by connecting it to the hotspot. It is often used in the high-security places like Government places, army forces, and much more. The Wi-Fi-based time management system is very reliable and do not allow the duplication of fingerprints. Whether the fingers are rough or wet, it records the exact and accurate details. The system is very suitable for office, schools, and colleges to ascertain the working hours of the employees and students.

Working Procedure of the Wi-Fi Based Time Management System?

The Wi-Fi-based time attendance system is often installed in working place as it is easy to use. The biometric system has to be connected with the portable hotspot.  Even the mobile APPS connection can work to start the device. The employees are required to place their fingerprints on the machine and it records the details of the same. The machine analyzes the fingerprints and uses it for the future identification of entry and exit of the employee.

Benefits of Using the Wi-Fi-Based Time Management System

The Wi-Fi-based time attendance system is fast and effective enough to record the necessary details regarding the employees. The major benefit of using the device is that the replication of the fingerprints of an employee by another one is not possible as everyone possess diverse fingerprints.  The device denies the access of false identity and hence avoids the entrance of the outsiders and thieves to the restricted area.

Some other benefits of Wi-Fi-based system are as follows:

Easy to install and operate

Provides good performance at a reasonable cost

The system records the entry and exit of the employee with proper timing

It provides high-security

Therefore, the system can be set-up in diverse places including public areas and government residential regions and properties to avoid unpredicted accidents and theft.