Door Lock

Overview the All Types of Door Locks

Different Types of Hotel Door Locks

Door locks are some of the oldest technologies used in the hotel industry. Its hardware can be so prohibitively costly. So, hotels usually wait for many years to upgrade to new locking system.

Here we will Overview the Different types of Hotel Door Locking Systems:
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    Mechanical Locking Systems

    The easiest and safest way of protecting hotels, rooms and even private rooms is through the installation of mechanical locking systems with door locks and lock cylinders. Here there are lock cylinders e.g. with reversible keys and spanner, which are chosen according to the type of request.

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    Electronic or Digital Locking Systems orLocking Systems / Electronic Door Locks:

    In contrast to a classic locking system with door lock cylinder and keys, an electronic door lock is unlocked by an electronic signal. A person such as a hotel guest is assigned a power by the software administration, or a coded signal, through which only a specific door can be opened.

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    Mechatronic Locking Systems:

    Mechatronic locking systems combine the advantages of mechanical locking systems with those of electronics. Mechatronic locking systems eliminate the lack of mechanical locking systems through online electronic access control systems. However, in this system, lost keys can be a major security risk.

    Unlike the mechanical locking systems, the mechatronic locking systems not only check the locking authorization via the mechanical key but also or only via an electronic identity. The advantage of this system is, if the electronic online access control fails, the door can be opened mechanically. As a rule, all good locking systems are designed in this way.

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    Access Control by Key Cards:

    This functionality for opening the hotel door is very widespread and in contrast to the Bluetooth door lock release at the Hotel Check-In many years of practice. The key cards are chip cards and authorize authorized person access to an authorized area. The access authorization is checked when the guest holds or puts the card on or in the reader. The latter is the case with key cards with magnetic function. This card is called Key card hotel.

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    Locking systems RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification):

    RFID is the abbreviation for ‘radio-frequency identification’ and means identification by means of electromagnetic waves. It technically includes a transceiver system for non-contact identification of objects and people with radio waves.

    An electronic door lock can be opened via such an RFID locking system. Here, a chip is encoded, which is installed in a small transponder. The transponder is held to a calibrated receiver (e.g., a hotel door). The power is checked by data transmission over the radio frequency.

  6. 6
    Door unlocking via Bluetooth Door lock via Smartphone:

    Here, the electronic lock cylinder receives a special attachment. The authorized person can then unlock the door via an app via access control. The smartphone key means absolute top comfort for hotel and guests. The app gives the guest access to the hotel and rooms. Check-in is possible without a front desk, which is done online. Of course, this also means a decisive relief for the staff. The key code is given to the guest long before his arrival, he can easily open hotel door and Bluetooth door lock in the hotel room via App.

Electronic Resident Door Locks – The Locks of the Future:

When everything has become digitalization in 21st sanctuary, we can see modernization in the resident door locks as well. Electronic locks are the latest and it has become so popular nowadays. In addition, the most modern locks, especially those aimed at homes; do not have any type of wiring. This smoothes the way even more when making an installation.

These locks are so easy to install, that you can install them by yourself, without the help of a locksmith. You just have to buy your lock and later move on to install it. In a few minutes, you can have it ready, as long as you follow the manufacturer’s instructions. This will help you save a lot of money. You will save the cost of the locksmith.

Advantages of Electronic Locks:

The installation of electronic locks is really very simple. In just a few minutes you can have the lock installed. The problem can come when it comes to programming it, especially if you do not handle mobile phones or electronic devices properly. If not, you will not have any problem to program it. In this way, you can save the labor of the locksmith, which is sometimes not cheap.

It is a lock that has a really effective authentication system. These locks are very complicated to hack. For this reason, we can assure you that today, they are one of the safest locks on the market. If you are looking for security and modernity, electronic locks can be your best choice.

It has been demonstrated that the security of this type of locks is much wider than the security offered by mechanical locks.

To increase security, it is recommended to generate a new code every so often. There are people who never change the code and others change it every few days. It is recommended that you change every so often, to increase security.

You will not have to make duplicates since you will not need to carry the keys with you. If the lock works with code through Smartphone, carrying your phone will be enough.

Since you do not have keys, you should not change the lock, which will help you save money in the medium and long-term.

Are Electronic Locks - The Locks of the Future?

Remember, forgetting the keys is very easy, on the other hand leaving the house without the mobile is very complicated, since it is what we always look at. For this reason, if you carry your mobile, you will always have the option to open the door of your house. In the case of locks with a numerical code, it will be very difficult for you to forget it. That is, you can always open your door without problems as if it can happen with the mechanical locks when you lose the keys.

Electronic locks are the locks of the future. People are getting used to doing everything digitally, so it is normal that sooner or later the vast majority of doors have this type of locks. Moreover, young families are already betting heavily on these locks. This is because they have realized that they really are very comfortable to use.