Gate Automation

Everything to know about Gate Automation System:

If you are a busy person or if you drive your own vehicle, now you do not require coming out often to open and close the gate. Simple push a button will do your job. Gate automation system is the most advance and modern system. The most obvious advantage of having an automatic gate is its increased security. Nowadays, the automatic gate is no longer a simple comfort, but rather a necessity. In addition, today gates are equipped with state-of-the-art automation, with very competitive prices, and are extremely safe and very easy to maintain.

Those who have a garage will know that the operation of the entrance to the garage is essential to get in and out comfortably with the car. There are still many people who choose the metal doors or the swinging iron doors of a lifetime, but the reality is that today there is a very efficient option in every way and that is being imposed by leaps and bounds in the world of automatic gate.

We are talking about a type of automatic door system with simple operation and simple installation. That takes advantage of its ease of operation to improve the rest of the options.

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Reasons to Choose Automation Doors:


With the automatic door you arrive at your house and in about 20 seconds you will find yourself inside your home or garage without having to get out of the car. No problems, no scares.


In case you lose your keys, you can easily change the opening code of your automatic door, without being forced to replace the lock as in manual doors.


You do not need to get out of your car when you open the gate since the opening is by remote control without getting dirty. To park in your home is very easy with automation gates.


With the gate automation, you can open and close gates without having to endure the inclemency of time and without making efforts to climb heavy doors.

Efficient Movement:

Its work philosophy is simple and practical. It works by opening it with guides that raise the door with a circular movement thanks to its composition by sections to finish folded to the ceiling.

Energy Saving:

The composition of the panels and their structure, together with a good installation, make the insulation inside the home optimal to maintain heat or cold, and even as acoustic insulation.


The panels of the sectional doors are made with several layers of steel, which is called sandwich panel, which apart from the aforementioned energy savings, make its resistance is greater, and its duration also.

In addition, its high resistance is also an advantage in terms of safety is concerned, as it is not easy to break it or try to open it.

The Possibility of Spare Parts:

The fact of being composed of panels makes it possible that in case of breakage only the damaged panel can be replaced.


You can find sectional doors for all types of gaps and measures. In addition, they obtain a better adaptability thanks to their composition by sections. Both in height and width, they can be made to measure.