Our Solutions

Our solutions – As We all strive hard to make a our future secure, we need to also look at securing our present, that’s  where we at IINA India step in with our strong team & state of the arts Products. Made execuelively to safe guard your presents may it be your business or home we have all the latest technology with time attendance systems, biometric security systems, video surveillance, Video door Phone ensuring that your loved ones are safe while you’re at work.

For business we offer a wide range of products from Biometric devices, CCTV (video surveillance), fire alarm

Biometric Products ensure that can stop time theft and help you get the maximum productivity   out from your employees by keeping a close eye on their performance

CCTV (video surveillance)– securing your Office while your away will ensure that you have the peace of mind to check on the function of your employee and safety of your office

Fire alarm – With all the latest technology in your office it’s important for you to seek safety measures for your office. So we at IINA offer Fire alarms that can alert you before any extensive damages are done.