Energy Oil & Gas

The Role of Surveillance for the Energy Oil and Gas Sector:
The requirements imposed on security and communication solutions for the oil and gas industry are as extreme as the environmental conditions under which they are expected to work. The entire system is constantly checked and monitored for possible faults. It is very necessary to add another layer of essential protection. However, configuring the solution that best suits your needs is not a difficult task.
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The modern surveillance cameras can intervene in the operation of extraction platforms and refinery, creating safer environments, even for employees. With them, for example, they can avoid the face-to-face review of the gauge instrumentation to obtain information on the gas pressure in pipelines.

The Requirement of a Camera:

Due to the presence of gases and dust in the oil refining process, it is also necessary to use chambers with reinforced protection boxes, made of stainless steel. This will allow, for example, to monitor the research centers of a company, facilities that are critical for these companies because they concentrate their most valuable assets. Hence, it is important to identify the people who arrive and leave these spaces and to use intrusion analytics to detect any invasion.

The same can be done in remote areas to generate automatic alerts if someone crosses an area or tries to damage the camera. The IP technology makes it possible for them, even if they are far away, to obtain an operating status of the equipment and to offer supervisors maximum control over operations.

Today, more and more companies are looking to protect their work areas. More and more are those who do it not by investment, but by necessity. Following are the benefits of security surveillance at energy oil and gas industry:

See Everything All the Time:

Modern surveillance comes with the IP video management system that allows organizations of different sizes to implement a surveillance system that can grow and that adapts to the changing demands of any security environment. Energy oil and gas sector has specific requirements that require particular monitoring solutions. Points of attention are often found in isolated areas that are difficult to access.

Crime Prevention:

Energy Oil and Gas are precious objects and there are chances to trade it in an inappropriate way by companies’ employees. And In the second place, criminals will no longer act with the green light, because they will think twice before committing a certain crime. This reduces their criminal activities considerably.

In addition, on the other hand, people affected by a theft can easily identify those involved. Obtaining a resolution to the crime committed. The evidence is another factor that promotes the safety of users. Through it, energy oil and gas companies can determine if the theft is caused by outsiders or by internal personnel of the company. In this case, the recordings can be used in judgments as audio and video visual material.

Faster Response Times:

If a health emergency is involved, the security cameras will register it immediately, which would help the response time and attention of the affected employee.

Improvement in Service Quality:

Finally, companies can significantly improve the service that their staff offers to consumers or customers because through the security cameras can measure their behavior before them.