Electromagnetic(EM) Locks

Electromagnetic locks are new and trending locks that are used for high-security purposes.

Everyone wants their data and valuable to be secure, for that switch to EM Lock as they are safe and very easy to use. Once you get EM Locks you can be carefree that your data or valuables will get stolen by some buglers. EM Locks functions on electromagnetism when powered to keep a door locked. Locks like these are generally fail-safe as opposed to being fail secure therefore with the loss of power the lock is opened as the magnetic field cannot generate without the current. You should always keep armature plate clean and also should not be tightened on the door leaf to allow the magnetic field to work properly.

What Makes us Unique About the EM Locks?

One of the main reasons for using EM Locks is that these locks are strong and not easy to break unlike conventional locks. Also, being fail-safe they can be opened in case of emergencies or sudden evacuation needs. EM locks can be really great accessory to have for protecting you in emergency situations.

The biggest advantage is that it costs a less than adequate amount to operate with the average EM Lock which is less than the conventional light bulb. These locks don’t operate on doors with knobs or handle therefore they have a button on the side that has a timer. Most locks have 15 seconds after which they close themselves. EM locks used in security doors also have a personal identification number on a keyboard without which it cannot be opened. These two aspects combined make it hard for robberies to take place or people without access authority to open doors. They can also be used in varying temperatures and climates. There are also certain EM locks that have various additional options like buzzer alarm or bond sensor which get buzzed or fulminate when the bugler or any other part are removed or any tampering is done with it.

Uses of EM Locks

These locks are generally used in large-scale high-risk facilities with multiple security doors. Most perimeter exit or entry doors require instant release and a fail-safe system. Just because of the lack of moving parts, there are no risks of wearing out becoming faulty. They are pretty much compatible with any access control system and can be operated through a remote control or from the central fire controller. These locks are best to ensure safety and security in the long run.