Brackets are used with a camera as an additional accessory and it basically serves two purposes, firstly it there is Flash bracket which are used to adjust the flash a bit away from the camera axis for proper shadowing of the subject. The second one is “L” bracket which is used to adjust camera vertically and horizontally without tilting the camera on a tripod. These brackets can be really helpful for professional photographers to capture perfect pictures.

Bracketing is a process in which camera takes 3 pictures in a single click with different settings. This means that if the view you want to capture is constituent of different things you want to focus on then it will help you get three different images focusing on one thing at a time.

Imagine a situation on a beach and you have to click a family portrait and also capture the sand and sea at the same time. Now, here is what happens with help of bracketing, your DSLR Camera will capture 3 pictures with different aperture, exposure and ISO setting to get a brighter, an average and a darker picture of the same view. Generally, you don’t get a good shot with perfect settings but with this, you will have three pictures to choose from.

Flash Bracket

The Flash bracket is connected to the camera with a bolt and then a flash is placed at the other end either vertically or horizontally. This is a kind of forgotten accessory in photography which is still a very useful tool to have perfect studio pictures. Flash brackets can be used while events and wedding photography for perfect lighting. It allows the photographer to move the mounted flash away from the camera axis to get different lighting effects.

There are Various Advantages of using a Flash Bracket with a Camera:

It helps to reduce the red-eye effect.

They help to remove the shadow from portraits by using a different angle to project light which is not possible with camera flash.

They can help you save money and can provide continuous lighting.

‘L’ Brackets

Similarly ‘L’ brackets are mounted with the camera so that it can be directly placed on the tripod without hanging it on the side. With ‘L’ bracket you can just turn the camera in vertical position and place it on the tripod as it is. This helps with the balance as the center of gravity of the camera is stable and it will help take better pictures.