Guard Patrolling System

A Virtual Security and A Real Time Monitoring System:

Rounds of security guards are essential and necessary in places where security control is a crucial part of operations, such as manufacturing, mining, security services, and telecommunications. The personnel allocated to this task must complete round on time and in the right places.

Traditional methods of round control are based on the self-control of the surveillance personnel, which means that it is often very difficult to precisely verify the performance of the work, which only allows a rough evaluation of the management and quality of work.

The guard patrolling control system is a system designed to provide efficient and effective management of the rounds of your security guards. This system gives you 100% assurance that a guard performs his patrol functions correctly.

With a simple contactless approach, the reader records the date/time/place where the guard visited each area of the place. You can also record incidents on the route. The information can be downloaded from the reader whenever necessary (every day/ week/month, etc.) and reports can be generated according to guards that patrol.

Guard Patrolling Devices

What is Virtual Security?

Guard Patrolling System services that consist of the visual monitoring. That monitor locality remotely by means of high definition cameras with 24/7 function and an alarm system. The objective is to detect risk situations such as thefts, fires or accidents and verify them through a remote visual monitoring system.

A Virtual Guard is a person who is visually monitoring a location remotely by means of 24/7 high definition cameras. The aim of the Virtual Guard is to detect risk situations such as thefts, fires or accidents by verifying them through a visual monitoring system.

Why do you need Virtual Security?

A Virtual Guard helps people and companies protect their things at a much more affordable price than a security guard. The Guard Patrolling System is more efficient than traditional security systems because it allows visually verify the activated alarms to determine if the danger is real or not. In most cases, the alarms are activated without the presence of a risk and therefore the services of Virtual Guard have the purpose of being able to act with greater speed than traditional systems.

Virtual Security helps companies and businesses protect their assets or their merchandise through remote visual monitoring and an alarm system at a much more affordable price than a security guard.

System Applications Highlights:
  • Supervise guards (in a building, shopping center, school, hotel, factory, etc.)
  • Supervise employees
  • Monitoring Service (for example, dispensing machines)
  • Supervision of hours and place of work.
  • Protection of airport and supervision of works
  • Storage systems (identification)
  • Military Patrols
  • Daily round of nurses
  • Remote equipment inspections and maintenance
  • Control and management of oil pipelines
  • Control of forest fires and patrol
Guard Patrolling System Benefits:
  • Replace the full or partial day of guards. (According to your needs)
  • Provide video and alarm in real time of all your locations. (Optional)
  • Respond immediately to alarms and problems.
  • It allows access to customers and authorized personnel.
  • Produces incident reports for administrative or police follow-up.
  • Virtual monitoring 24/7
  • Audio and video recording
  • Integrated motion detection alarm
  • Virtual Escort
  • Virtual patrols