Network Camera

As the name says network camera, it is easy to guess it would be working with IP networks and internet but with what ease that you will find here. It is wireless camera which you can operate for camera surveillance through the internet. Doesn’t matter at which corner of the world you are in, you can sit in front of your monitor and review recorded video footage. All that you need is an appropriate network connection.

Network camera is also called IP camera. In this you set a camera where you need to keep eye on and go traveling around the globe because now you can log in to your camera’s IP address anytime and watch saved videos by your network camera anywhere. That too in HD resolution.

These network camera are not only easy to access but also smart, with in-built intelligence and scalability. Your network camera can be your watchdog for like 24 hours a day or you can activate the motion sensor which will save only the recording of suspicious activities, when camera will sense any movement due to the change in pixels of the ongoing video recording.

The biggest difference between a web camera on computer and a network camera is webcams requires direct connection to the computer. Network camera is available for both indoor and outdoor camera surveillance. Therefore, you will find water and weatherproof outdoor cameras in market to save it from erratic weather conditions. Outdoor cameras are also vulnerable to tampering and vandalism hence, they are made up of strong glass lenses with tough metallic base.

PTZ camera is one of the type of network camera, which has ability to pan, tilt or zoom. When it detect some events, it get closer to the action happening with the help of in-built motion sensor. After recording it by changing its focal distance and direction of aiming, it comes back to its original settings.

Network cameras are available in different size and shape depending upon the need of the buyer. They can be mounted on the ceiling or hanged by the wall using bracket mount. Fusion of camera feature too come in a network camera.