Hidden Camera

These cameras are built inside the commonly used things like ball pen, keyrings, buttons, clocks, mobile phones, pendant, etc to hide them while doing the surveillance.

Job of an espionage is not an easy task. If caught, it has its repercussions and threat to life is one of them. Spying on someone for a good cause like catching someone red handed for bribery or harassment can make the task of collecting evidences easy. If you too have had enough of something unacceptable and want to report but you don’t have any physical evidences to substantiate your claims then hidden camera can come to your rescue.

Hidden cameras are either wired connected to TV, VCR, network video recorder, digital video recorder, memory card or wireless which sends video signals within a small radius. This camera needs manual activation, or remote control or a motion detector for getting started.

Also known as spy camera or security camera, used for hidden camera surveillance when presence of visible video camera can hamper the scrutiny if caught by the subject. It is done to film subjects without their consent and knowledge because they may not like being recorded on a camera. The word hidden in the name itself makes clear that it had to be made invisible and for that matter it has to be tiny enough to go unnoticed. The use of hidden cameras with wrong intentions and without someone’s awareness is like invading their privacy which could lead to legal issues.

These days hidden cameras are used in reality television shows also to catch participants in absurd or unusual manner.


Dual functionality: As they are installed in daily used stuffs like in watches, radios, wall clocks, etc so they perform both the functions, one of a hidden camera and other its original function.

Time scheduled recording: you can set a specific time when you want your hidden camera to get started.

Audio recording: along with video, voice of the subject is also being recorded.

Motion detection: motion sensors allows you to record when a specific motion takes place which you want to record.

Still images: along with the videos it can also take still images like a camera.