Dome Camera

Dome camera got its name for its dome shaped liked structure. It is used for camera surveillance inside homes, offices, stores, restaurants, etc available only in white or black base. Its dome shape is a big advantage as it gives flexibility for adjusting the focal length of the camera lens to exactly where you need it. These cameras are quite attractive in their looks and can go well with the surroundings. Since the camera is placed inside dome shaped glass it becomes difficult to figure out in which direction the camera is aiming. Nowadays various diversity in models and features can be found in dome cameras.

They have revolutionized according to the need for customers. For example infrared dome cameras are available these days if you want your camera to work also in zero light. Infrared dome cameras works with wide dynamic range which allows for compensation in foreground and background lighting. It essentially combines the brightest part of the image to the darkest part of the image to generate balanced and highly detailed image. Smart IR technology allows it to automatically adjust the intensity of the infrared illumination.

Vandal dome cameras are perfect for those places where cameras are susceptible to vandalism or tampering as they are made up of durable metal base and high quality plastic dome whereas varifocal dome cameras allow you to adjust the focal distance as per your needs.

Dome cameras are either mounted on ceiling or suspended from a wall using mounted as per their need in camera surveillance.

These camera gives you high 1080p HD video resolution and are also waterproof. They come for both indoor and outdoor in market depending upon their application. As the prices of dome cameras soar high it features also starts getting better. Fixed lenses or adjustable dome cameras both types of them are present in stores.


Night vision. It can work in total darkness also.

Adjustable focal length.

Tightly zooming in facility of subjects is available.

Water and weatherproof.

Variable lighting level from light to bright.

Available as analog or in IP system.

Digital noise reduction feature.

Works on dual voltage AC/DC.