Smart Retail

Security in the Smart Retail Sector - Fewer Risks, More Profitability

The modern concept of surveillance and supervision in the retail sector is increasingly tuned to avoid losses and increase business profitability. Sophisticated supervision and control schemes are no longer limited to preventing internal and external thefts. The information captured through the CCTV has become an input of great value to make managerial decisions.

The word “security” now has a proactive approach. The large international chain stores, such as Carrefour, for example, no longer speak of “security” to dry. In these multinationals, the surveillance and control actions are oriented towards the prevention and control of losses, under the concept of “global patrimony protection”.

This means that crime is only one of the variables within an intelligent supervision scheme. The losses originate in the theft of goods, but also in the inadequate management of the resources and operations of the stores.

Following are the Key Benefits to Install Security Surveillance in the Smart Retail Sector:

Loss Prevention

Reduce Theft

Reduce Losses of Inventory

Detect Behaviors Suspects

Decrease Claims by Slips and Falls

Discover Illicit Discounts Made by Employees

Integration with your POS System


Investigate Crimes and Identify Suspects

Stock Control

Assign Staff when Necessary

Better Prevention of Losses:

Reduction of losses, less time spent investigating suspicious incidents. Also it helps in reducing liability in case of claims, labor and civil lawsuits. It is also beneficial for improvement of marketing and optimization of personnel, all to obtain a quick return on investment.

Better Security and Protection:

A video system will give both its customers and its employees an environment of security and protection as well as protect their assets and assets.

Better Communication with your Clients:

A video streaming system helps you improve communication with your customers through digital advertising, exploiting the new possibilities of message transmission through video and sound. The facility to manage the various contents allows informing about news or promoting products, achieving an increase in sales automatically, influencing the behavior of the customer and enriching the experience of it.

Better Marketing and Operations:

Strategically placed cameras can be used to record and evaluate the activity of consumers and to have an idea of buying behavior. They also allow us to control inventory, store distribution optimization, shop window control, shop space assessment, personnel allocation to places where required.

Customer Satisfaction:

Network cameras can identify empty shelves and alert staff when they need to be replenished. They also notify you when a queue is too long so that more cash counters can be opened. They help to study the employee-client relationship, allow the flow analysis of clients, as well as a greater knowledge of their habits.

The retail sector is facing difficult challenges, including a fierce competition, low margins, and internal/external leaks. In such scenario, security surveillance helps in order to guarantee an authentic corporate security for the retail sector. The system comprises two large fronts. First, through surveillance scheme is implemented that uses modern equipment to capture images through CCTV and manage them efficiently. Second, through analyzes the records and generates information destined to management levels.