Importance of Video Surveillance Security in Hotels:

Hotel guests experience video surveillance as a sense of security. The hotel guests can sleep quietly when the corridors or entrances and exits are monitored properly by the hotel owners. Where many strangers meet, even unauthorized persons often reach the building without problems, and sometimes even into the rooms. With the aid of a powerful video surveillance system for hotel operations, this can be counteracted and accordingly increased security. New systems allow the hotel manager to even watch the cameras from his mobile phone, which can contribute to a reduced installation effort.

The main area of application for video security technology in hotels is the monitoring of public areas, such as lobby, lounge or corridors, to prevent unauthorized access to the premises. Parking is also often included in the safety concept, as most guests sleep quietly when they know their vehicle on a video-monitored parking deck or underground car park well cared for. In addition, the installation of outdoor cameras can also prevent any damage, since many potential offenders already are deterred by the presence of a video system in advance.

Nevertheless, there are many places in hotels where cameras are not so popular. Such areas are in the bar or in the restaurant. If there are any problems here, secret cameras are used that do not disturb the guest. The cameras are networked via existing cable networks or via radio networking.

More Security for Guests and Employees:

In order to provide more security for guests, more and more hotels and restaurants in the lobby and in the corridors used video surveillance. Such video surveillance systems have a deterrent effect and can prevent theft, robbery, and vandalism. You can secure the following areas with cameras in hotels and restaurants:

Lobby to protect against robberies

Corridors to identify unauthorized persons

Underground parking, storage and storage rooms

Wardrobe area in restaurants

Outdoor area to prevent vandalism

Reliably Safe:

Modern security surveillances have reliable functionality. It is particularly important to many hotels that the cameras can be installed inconspicuously, so as not to disturb the ambiance of the premises and not to give the guests the feeling of constant observation. IP cameras, for example, can be inconspicuously installed between recessed ceilings. Thanks to their innovative technology, the cameras deliver clear, high-contrast and true-to-color images even in difficult lighting conditions.

Reliable and User-Friendly Recording:

Depending on the area of use and the size of the hotel complex, there are various recording systems (recorders, servers, Video IP appliances) for recording the pictures are available. All devices are characterized by high availability and reliability. Their simple and intuitive operation is also convincing. Powerful management software completes the convenient operating concept of the system.

Fit for the Future:

Hotels are optimally prepared for the future. The systems are designed in accordance with the “modular principle” – the flexibility of this approach makes extensions simple and straightforward.

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