Under Vehicle Surveillance System

Design and Characteristics of Under Vehicle Surveillance System:

Surveillance and security are the most widespread needs among companies in all sectors. Given that it is a mission that in most of the cases needs the involvement of various people. But today we have under vehicle surveillance system that does the job on behalf of many people. An Intelligent Autonomous Vehicle that includes all the features that allow unattended and automatic. This surveillance and security system can detect vehicles, people, vehicles and other critical elements make rounds of perimeter surveillance automatically and also develops automatic alert. All these characteristics make it possible for appropriate surveillance and security system for any installation.

The Design of the System:

The design of the system is incredibly simple: the management center is connected to the entrance, exit, and parking facilities by means of a fiber cable, which is the ANPR, the VTOs, the guide screens, the barriers and the cameras connected by cables Ethernet Deployment and customization are easy and respect the simplistic plug and play rule.

Main Characteristics:

The under vehicle surveillance system offers many interesting features for professionals:

  1. 1
    Intelligent Input Management:

    License plate capture and snapshot, recognition and intelligent authorization

  2. 2
    VDP Input:

    A Call key to the management center allows a bidirectional audio conversation. The barrier can be opened remotely in case of incidents.

  3. 3
    Parking Guide:

    A Guide screen shows the number of parking spaces available in each direction and guides the driver to the chosen free place. A camera detects if a particular place is free or not. Many classified colors show different types of parking spaces and available statuses.

  4. 4

    license plates are automatically recognized by an IVS server or point detector.

  5. 5
    Management Control of the Center:

    All Information is clearly displayed, including vehicle images, registration numbers, a record of entry and exit. The administrator can control the barrier remotely and modify the status of ANPR through VDP when an emergency occurs. There is also a database available, which facilitates the search for key information within the records.

  6. 6
    Complete Surveillance:

    Real-Time Video, A preview of Images and Playback.

  7. 7
    User Rights:

    Administrators can assign different rights to users, such as live, alarm, playback, e-map, etc.

  8. 8
    Electronic Maps Guide:

    An Easy-to-understand visual map that allows the administrator to search for parking records, monitor free space, detect free places and access license plate information.

Under vehicle surveillance system can be used for the parking management also. With the increase of cars on the roads, the improvement in parking efficiency and the improvement of the user experience have been established as a priority for the owners of the parking lots. The innovative under vehicle surveillance system parking solution integrates ANPR and video analysis that allow automatic driving, guidance, vehicle tracking and integral surveillance.

Under vehicle surveillance system offer you with the perfect inspect, digitally record the underside and a scan of vehicles. Since there are many incidents of crimes, vandalism, terrorism, and thefts have been increased, we need to protect ourselves against these threats with the modern security equipment. This new innovation will really helpful to us.