Internet of Things (IOT)

IoT (Internet of Things) – A Drawing of the Future

The emergence of the Internet of Things is altering our personal security paradigm and changing the game in customer and/or business interaction.

What is Internet of Things (IoT)?

When we speak of technological revolution, the concept of the Internet of Things – IoT, is one of the main subjects. And it is not difficult to understand why. Its possibilities are innumerable. Such as transforming our relationship with technology, changing the way we interact with the world. And even more, how the world interacts with us. It is a concept that can change not only how we live, but also how we work.


In a very simple way: it is the way things are connected and communicate with each other and with the user, through intelligent sensors and software that transmit data to a network. As if it were a great nervous system that allows the exchange of information between two or more points. The result of this is a more intelligent and responsive planet.

How to Maintain a Secure Infrastructure?

One of the main reasons for the slow adoption of the Internet of Things in some sectors is because of rising concerns about security risks. After all, these devices are often associated with weakening the efficiency of digital safety routines. But it’s not quite there. Safe investment in this concept can be done by following a few simple steps, such as:

Avoid using standard passwords, simple or easy to guess to access devices that are connected to a network of other devices.

Keep devices on a wireless network of their own, with advanced data security.

Constantly monitor resources for intruders.

Create rules of access to the management panels of the connected devices.

Perform security tests regularly.

Keeping the Internet devices of Things protected by a firewall.

Regularly back up all data collected by thedevices that are stored locally or remotely.

Encrypt all records and backups of collected data.

Keep all devices with their software systems up to date.

How Can IoT be used in the Corporate Environment?

The Internet of Things is a silent revolution, but it can make a big impact on the routine of the business environment. The investment in tools of this category can be done by businesses of several sectors and applied throughout the operational chain.

Every company needs to have control over when their professionals come in and of course the time they leave the workplace. This allows monitoring the hours that the employees spend running their activities. That makes it possible to evaluate adherence to the work agreement.

Internet of Things can be used as a simple and practical solution to assess the presence of professionals in the workplace. By means of presence sensors, the inputs and outputs are automatically registered in the electronic point system. As a result, mistakes in the timing of each employee become less frequent.



Internal data analysis is a strategy adopted by several companies to optimize the work environment. By evaluating how the entire operational chain behaves, analysts can not only identify points that need improvement but effectively track what is working.