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Specific Needs for the Security Surveillance in Banking and Finance Sector

Some of the most common issues related to banking and finance sectors are to monitor its high risk areas, safety of their staff and customers, and manage to their restricted access areas. In order to lower risk factors, it is very essential to have the modern security surveillance within the premises.

Banking and finance sector suffers criminal actions many times. That is why in this type of entities, Security is the most relevant characteristic. So, it is advisable to address several critical points, mainly Access Control and the CCTV or video surveillance system.

However, There are Many Specific Needs for the Security of a Bank or Finance Sector, Such as:

Increased security, being able to require access to certain areas, such as the vault, access by double custody. Like the presentation of 2 cards of authorized users within the specified time. Or double custody with an escort, i.e. one of the two authorized users must have the level of escort. Or assign schedules of opening and closing of the vault.

The automatic interlock between ATMs, so that one of the ATMs is not allowed to open until all others are closed.

Automatic control of lock systems.

Remote control of access to night deposit boxes.

Reduction of costs for losses and duplicates of keys. The costs associated with this concept due to the changes of locks, keys and unproductive times.

Exclusion of external access of employees or clients to the branch.

Reduction of the costs derived from the training of personnel in the management of the security system, by creating a more automated security environment.

Control of personnel, knowing at all times who accessed, where and when or preventing access to certain areas or offices. This includes personnel external to the branch. Such as cleaning or maintenance personnel, preventing access to restricted areas or confidential information.

The locks systems to access a bank office are one of the formulas that offer more security. The system is based on linking two consecutive accesses in which the person must be credited. The opening of the accesses is delayed to allow deciding what action should be taken in the event of an attack on the security of the banking office.

Concrete Security Measures:

Likewise, said entities must connect their security systems installed in their establishments and offices with their own or third-party alarm centers.

Following are Few Concrete Security Measures Which Need to take into the Account at First:

Electronic devices, with the capacity to detect the attack to any physical security element where cash or securities are kept.

Push buttons or other means for easy activation of alarm signals.

Individualized control of access to the office or establishment which allows the detection of metal masses, automatic locking and anchoring of doors. And remote control for unlocking the system in case of fire or catastrophe, or additional emergency door, presence detectors or sensitive sockets on the way out when the double track system is used, and the shielding determined.

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