Wireless (WIFI)

Everything you Need to Know About WiFi

WiFi is a mechanism that allows, access to the internet by wirelessly connecting to different devices. This wireless connection is  established through the use of radio frequencies and infrared technology, which transmits information. This fact translates, irremediably, into a limitation, since the user must be within a specific scope of coverage to be able to enjoy the signal.


What is Wifi?

Wifi is a wireless communication technology that allows electronic devices such as computers, tablets, smartphones or cell phones, etc. to be connected to the Internet with the help of various wireless technologies.

Wi-Fi is originally an abbreviation of the trademark “Wireless Fidelity”. Wireless communication, as such, is one that is dispensed with cables or visible physical means of propagation, and that, on the contrary, uses electromagnetic waves for its transmission. However, it is limited to a specific radius of coverage.

How to Use Wifi?

For its operation, the Wifi needs a computer connected to the internet and equipped with an antenna. It enables the redistribution of wireless signals within a certain radius. The receiving equipment that is within the coverage area, at the same time, must be equipped with compatible devices with Wifi technology so that they can access the internet. The closer the equipment is to the signal source, the better the connection will be.

The procedure to enable WiFi is quite simple, although some see it as a headache.. First of all, it must be verified that the equipment has a WiFi device, which is often incorporated in the computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet. Otherwise, the user must go to a specialized establishment to obtain a card.

Is Wi-Fi safe?

The security and privacy are one of the main concerns why Wi-Fi is sometimes touted as unsafe. Being a wireless technology, information travels through radio waves, which can penetrate the walls and even reach the streets. If the user has open Wi-Fi, there are certain risks, because anyone cannot only access the Internet through the signal but also access the personal folders and get all our personal information.

In the face of this, however, there are multiple strategies that can contribute to improving the security of our devices and our connection to the Internet.

What is the Solution to Wifi?

Wi-Fi signal many times fails to connect at home or office. It does not reach certain rooms or the bandwidth does not reach the promised speeds. Do not be alarmed, the distribution of your house, the thickness of the walls, the saturation of devices or where you choose to put the router can be some of the causes.

Here are four simple tips to improve the reception of the Wi-Fi signal in your home. Yes, before putting to work try to turn off several of the connected devices. If the connection improves, you know what the cause is:

Change the place of the router

Change channels

Place signal repeaters

Buy a more powerful router