Biometric Access Control System

Characteristics and Advantages of Biometric Access Control System

Biometric Access Control System is an identification system based on the biological qualities of the user. Within this system, we can differentiate between different types of recognition. It can be by fingerprint, facial, ocular or vascular. Biometric authentication applies mathematical techniques to verify a person’s identity.

An access control is an identification system that recognizes users and admits or it can help in restriction in the entrance area to buildings through the use of an electric lock. It also allows knowing who has accessed the facilities and knowing what time it has been done and even keep a record of it. This type of installation is very useful in a wide variety of buildings, from homes and residential complexes to industrial buildings, shops, offices, libraries, residences, laboratories, and etc.

The level of security is high since the physical characteristics of a person are static parameters for the statistical recognition of people.

Characteristics of a Biometric Indicator:

A biometric indicator is some feature with which biometrics can be performed. Whatever the indicator, you must meet the following requirements.

  1. Universality: any person possesses that characteristic;
  2. Uniqueness: the existence of two people with an identifying characteristic has a very small probability;
  3. Permanence: the characteristic does not change in time;
  4. Quantification: the characteristic can be measured quantitatively.

Advantages of Biometric Access Control:

  • Biometric Control System is very low in maintenance. Once it is installed completely, you do not have to spend a lot of money in maintaining it compared to other access control systems.
  • It provides a high dose of security. This type of control is the safest system, since, for example, the fingerprint is a unique and unrepeatable feature in each person.
  • It does not require additional door opening devices. Just using a unique feature of the person is done without elements such as keys, or switches.

Among the different types of identification systems are used, the biometric system is highly reliable. This system works on the advantages of the differentiation in this aspect of every person. It is the most effective, economic, and simple Access Control System.