Gas Release Control System

LPG gas does not smell like how it does when you detect a gas cylinder leak. The cylinder is filled with an additional component along with the LPG. LPG is odorless. It is the additional component that you smell which is used to detect a gas leak. This is a natural way a gas leak detector works, our nose!

Coming to the way a fire alarm system detects a gas leak, the control unit receives signals from all its sensors. One of the components of the fire alarm is the Gas Release Control System. This element can be a little more expensive when compared to the other components of the entire system. The gas release system is synchronized with the control panel. When there is a gas leak, the sensors in the gas release system are activated. A message is sent to the control panel, and the control panel enables the necessary precautionary devices which regulate and restricts the gas leak. The gas fire-extinguishing systems are turned on, and the fire is put out if any. This is the primary functionality of the gas release unit.

Some features of the Gas Release System –

You can select between single zone and cross zone. These are load balancers that regulate the power aspects of the system.

The product has an Alarm Acknowledgement facility and a Reset facility.

It also has an optional inbuilt charger and a good battery backup.

It comprises of a two-wire operation for the Abort unit, Detectors, Hooters, Manual gas release unit, and an SOV Actuator.

If there is a mains power failure, an automatic changeover from AC mains to a battery backup is initiated.

Installation is straightforward.

Save operation due to self-supervision.

A digital display is also available, which shows the time delay and the time remaining for the gas discharge.

Hence, the gas release appliance is an integral part of the fire alarm system. A lot of tragedies can be averted. Your household will remain safe with this system. It is a long investment worth making, and you certainly cannot put anything above the safety of your family or factory.