Analog Lens

Lenses have always been the most important aspect of a camera. Nowadays there are all sorts of digital lenses available with many special features. But let’s go a decade back when digital cameras were a relatively new trend in the market and most of the people were using the analog cameras. Analog lens has certain originality in itself as the pictures taken were not digitally modified at the very first stage. The word analog comes from the Greek word ‘analogous’ which means proportionate.

How to use Analog Lens with DSLR

It has become equitably common to describe film photography as ‘analog’, to set apart from or to differentiate it from digital photography. But High-end lenses have replaced the Analog lenses with time but the cost of these high-end lenses can be really high due to which they can be hard to afford. But there is a way you can still use your Analog lenses with your DSLR.

In nearly each and every lens and camera combination, there is an adaptation of image that will enable you to use any lens with any camera which helps to recreate the images. With the help of the adapter, you can attach your old Analog lens with DSLR Camera. Although by doing this you may have to use the customized or manual settings while taking pictures as the chip in your DSLR won’t enable you to use auto-focus. So if you are comfortable in using your camera in Manual setting it can be a great experience using the Analog lens with your DSLR.

Advantages of using Analog Lens

Digital lens have their fair share of advantages as they can be easily used with auto-focus and many other features in Camera chip whereas Analog Devices offers a range of lens driver solutions for camera modules in camera phones, to fabricate a solution deposited hyperbolic secant lens. There are many accessories that can be mounted on the analog lens that can enhance its view and can get picturesque and clear.