RFID Time Attendance System

RFID stands for the Radio Frequency Identification-based time attendance system that is generally used in school, colleges, and offices to record the presence and absence of the students and workers. This latest technology has reduced the time and cost of maintaining the attendance register and sheets in the school by providing the accurate information. It also reduces the burden of keeping the register safe and entering the error-free information.

How Does it Work?

The RFID system involves a card commonly known as RFID card (a white colored card similar to that of a credit card) which is distributed to all the students and workers of the institution. A card reader is placed either in the entry gate or in the rooms. The card number of each student is recorded in RFID card reader. Students/workers have to bring that card regularly and place it near the scanner to record their presence and the time of their entry. In the same way, during the exit, the card scans the exit time of the student. Thus, a student cannot bunk a class or an employee cannot leave the institution as all the entries are recorded in the system.

Advantages of using the RFID Based Attendance System

The RFID system is installed and used by several institutions because of its easy and safe use. The RFID card has enough memory to record the data of a large number of students and hence it is considered to be the most reliable source for taking the attendance of the student. It does not allow any forge or duplicate entry as each student is assigned their own ID card with the numbers already recorded in the reader. It supports easy tracking of the student’s record by providing the student’s information even after the completion of their formal education.

The RFID based time attendance system reduces the expenses of the institution as once it is installed in the school or office, there is no more requirement of a security guard. Any outsider cannot access the campus without having the ID card accepted by the RFID card reader.