Camera Housing

Camera housing can be made up of two elements one is polycarbonate and another one is aluminum or it can be a mixture or combination of these two elements. It is done because underwater surveillance cameras have leakage problem and for the protection of those cameras, these housings are done.

Types of Housing

Usually housings are made up of aluminum and polycarbonates but the aluminum housings are more expensive. Most of the underwater housings are having controls for all important buttons, some controls may be important to you and some may not be vital to you, so we most of the time use the C/S/M lever but hardly ever use the focus lock button. However, some people have opposite preferences. That is just opposite of what is mentioned above, for this you have to ensure that your housing supports your controls.  People prefer fiber optic connections for underwater photography. People usually prefer smaller housing but larger housings can be more neutrally buoyant. The people from whom you are buying the housing may stretch the truth on this butlarger size “Buoyancy arms” are starting to become popular.


Some manufacturers have their reputations for better solutions than others, like regarding how their ports mount and owners rarely have problems with their housing connection. Due to the materials used for making camera housing, they can be really heavy sometimes which requires extra buoyancy to be added to the setup.

When you decide to buy new camera housing, you should keep in mind that the resale value UW housing is really low. So if you want to use Camera housing for a temporary basis then you should keep in mind that you won’t receive much with UW housing resale.

It is a type of accessories used in camera to help with stability and protection. There are various other accessories that are used to enhance its magnification power and to accessorize lens and getting a better view.