Advantages of Installing a CCTV Security System in Restaurants:
A security system with surveillance cameras in restaurants is ideal because they are very susceptible to suffer various mishaps that affect both, the client and the owners of the business.

CCTV cameras (CCTV) are modern devices that control the presence and activities of people living in their vicinity. These cameras are usually part of security systems in commercial premises, universities, restaurants, homes, among others, due to their ability to catch the criminals alive when they commit a crime. And they serve as legal evidence. Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) in the restaurant industry is installed pursuing three main objectives. The first is to monitor the operation of the business, the second to control waste and the third to contribute to the safety of the place.

In Restaurants, the Cameras are Placed in Such a Way that the Administrator can Remotely Monitor at Least Five Areas.
  1. 1
    The General View of the Dining Room:

    This place is visited by the customers and to get them satisfied, and as a consequence, they return and recommend. It is necessary to guarantee that the service is of excellence. Locating cameras in this place serves to observe and qualify the attention. It can be captured all the moments when waiters give orders to diners and also to detect and highlight any type of undesirable event.

    You can also place cameras in the exterior of the restaurant, this way you will know what is happening on the outskirts and you can prevent if a suspicious person is approaching your restaurant.

  2. 2
    The Kitchen:

    Here the devices allow rating the quality and homogeneity in the preparation of the dishes. For example, in the case of receiving the exceptional congratulations for the taste of a certain product on the menu, a CCTV would allow tracking whether on that occasion there was any particular factor that led to such success. The cameras in the kitchen are of great help to keep the staff under control, in addition to avoiding internal thefts and making sure that the health codes are complied with.

  3. 3
    The Bar:

    In this place have been detected very skilled bartenders to obtain undue additional income. Cases like the theft of bottles, the exchange of expensive liquors for similar adulterated or simply not reporting orders in exchange for juicier tips are increasingly frequent. In many occasions, the consequent elimination of the shrinkage in the bars pays in a very short time for the investment of the video monitoring equipment.

  4. 4
    The Cashier Area:

    Including restaurants, in any business cash management must be monitored. You can monitor everything in the case of any fraudulent activities.

  5. 5
    External Section of the Entrance and the Parking Lot:

    This place is the most indicated to obtain a clear image of all the visitors since the camera can be placed at the top height of the door resulting in a short distance from the faces. It is necessary to place security cameras near the main offices, safes and cash registers, this will help prevent theft and identify burgle.