Artificial Intelligence

Explanation of Artificial Intelligence with Examples:

Artificial Intelligence is found in almost all fields now. Whether it is mobile or car, you may find the innovation of AI in several industries. From smartphones to autonomous cars, there is no doubt that artificial intelligence is taking our era from device to device.

Many experts may say that AI is not a new technology. Some researchers were already developing autonomous computing in the 1950s. But now computational power has greatly increased. 50 years ago, all the scientists needed computers that filled entire buildings to work. This is something that we can now do with chips the size of a coin.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

What exactly does Artificial Intelligence  mean to those of us who are not computer scientists? Explaining this question is a bit difficult. But in simple language, AI is the ability of a computer software, machine or program to think and learn. That makes a computer smarter than its descendants. AI affects the entire planet. From now on, and in the next many years, you will begin to see these words everywhere, so do not stay without knowing what they mean.


Here We Have Explained the Various Examples of Artificial Intelligence:

Examples of Artificial Intelligence:

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    Security Surveillance:

    It is obviously not possible to monitor all the video cameras by a single person and sometimes the entire task of surveillance may become mundane for humans. AI helps cameras to record all the moments into a computer for a longer period of time.

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    Autonomy, in the field of AI, means that computer equipment does not need the help of people. Autonomous cars demonstrate the term at several levels. Autonomy term stands for a car or any vehicle that does not need pedals or a rudder. It does not require a human inside the car to operate and manage the vehicle at its complete capacity. If we ever see a vehicle which can be operated without any driver, and it also does not require connecting with any GPS, server or external source to operate, then that would be a level five of autonomy.

Features of Artificial Intelligence:

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    The algorithm is a part of artificial intelligence. It is a mathematical formula or programming commands which update non-intelligent standard computers on the ways to solve any problems with AI system. AI helps computers learn how to discover things on their own.

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    Machine Learning:

    This term, in many cases, replaces artificial intelligence. They mean almost the same, with a subtle difference. Machine learning is the detailed procedure by which an Artificial Intelligence uses an algorithm to execute various functions of AI.

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    Black Box:

    When the rules corresponding are applied, an AI system performs many complex math operations. This mathematics, in general, cannot be understood by humans or sometimes it is not worth the time it takes us to understand it. However, the systems throw out the useful information that they derived from those operations. When that happens, it is called black box learning.

The ‘black box’ is equal to learning in school where we had to show the result of a mathematical operation, without the need to show how we arrived at it.