Face Recognition Based Access Control System

What is System Description and Advantages of Face Recognition Based Access Control System:

In recent years the techniques of image and video processing have taken a more significant role in the implementation of schemes. Such as video surveillance systems, development of biometric systems, multimedia games of human-computer interaction, robotics, among others. This has turned video surveillance systems into a massive source of face images, creating the need for automatic detection, recognition and tracking systems that are reliable and fast.

System Description:

The developed prototype consists of a video-surveillance camera connected via IP to a laptop where the recognition system is executed on the Matlab platform. The functions of the system can be divided into 6 stages which are: image acquisition, pre-processing, face detection, false positive corrector, position adjustment, scaling and centering of faces, and finally recognition.

Advantages and Benefits of Face Recognition Based Access Control System:

Less Likelihood of Identity Theft:

If you want a security system that prohibits access by people outside the company, then it is necessary that this system be able to distinguish the fakes. There are many factors in facial features that help identify a person. With this type of software, you will not have to worry about someone breaking the system and getting confidential information about your company.

Greater Accuracy in Identification:

Among the benefits of face recognition, the precision of this technology is located in front of another biometric identification system. Although these are usually very effective as well, facial recognition adds another level of security, which is very useful for companies that handle important data that may harm their customers.

No Manipulation by the User:

The staff does not need to have contact with the device to use it. You just have to place your face in front of the computer so that it can identify it correctly. This method is really simple, unlike others that do require a kind of contact.

More Hygienic:

In this facial recognition system, no contact with the device is required. It becomes a more hygienic method and is very useful for laboratories or hospitals where hygiene is essential to avoid contamination of special areas or personnel.

Non-intrusive Method:

Among other methods that exist, this is characterized by not being intrusive. The data can be obtained without the need to contact the subject.