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Video Surveillance Cameras for Public Buses:

Today, people have started to use public transport such as public buses. Normally the person with more authority has is the driver. He, at the same time has to be attentive to the driving and not to what happens inside the bus or taxi. That makes it very difficult to maintain a certain level of security in this type of vehicle. Installation of the video surveillance cameras in public buses can provide great benefits to both the safety of passengers, driver or even increase benefits of the transport company.


Use of Video Surveillance Cameras on Public Buses:
  1. 1
    Driver Protection:

    Bus drivers who belong to urban transport can never know what type of passengers they may have during the day. Installation of the cameras inside the bus can prevent or serve as evidence in case of inappropriate behavior. A latest surveillance system can help drivers for their protection.

  2. 2
    Most Appropriate Driving:

    A driver, who knows that he is constantly working under the surveillance of security cameras, will pay much more attention to the rules of road safety and its relationship with passengers. Mention also that you can avoid situations that have sometimes been made known in which the driver kept part of the bus collection.

  3. 3
    Prevention of Robberies:

    Warning signs about the installation of video surveillance in the bus can serve as prevention for thieves and robbers, and in the event that the robbery happens, it would serve as evidence for the transport company. In many installations, the driver can optionally also has a panic button that uses in case of an emergency or robbery. It will send a message to the centre about the incident.

  4. 4
    Vandalism Prevention:

    There is some public who damage the property of the bus. With the help of the surveillance system, identification of such culprit can be very easy. And it also helps to stop repeat offenders.

  5. 5
    Easy Access:

    Another benefit of this technology is that all the buses and its location can be monitored from one single point. This new digital enhancement in security surveillance system allows large and complex public transportation easy to monitor.

  6. 6
    Avoid Violent Situations:

    Many times passengers start clashing with each other. In which one or more passengers in an intoxicated state or during an argument can harm others or create an uncomfortable situation for other passengers or the driver. Surveillance cameras can help in such situation.

  7. 7
    Benefit the Transport Company:

    It is beneficial for the transport company that customers know that their buses offer more security. They also prefer the buses which have more such facilities.

  8. 8
    Provides Extra Protection for Children:

    Due to their energetic nature, children often do not follow the safety advice or standards established for transport. In these cases, the cameras can serve the driver to see what happens behind him without having to get out of traffic. The latest advances in technology will allow the control of the bus not only through the scheduled recording of the images, but also access from the central to the DVR lives through service.