Advantages of Security Surveillance at the Airport:

The security controls are used by security personnel to inspect all persons who are going to access restricted areas of the airport. This control is the moment in which dangerous articles are searched that could be used to commit unlawful acts or put at risk the security both at the airport and on board the aircraft.

The security controls have equipment that facilitates the detection of this type of item. The metal detector arc is used for the passengers and the personnel of the crew to pass through it and, by means of electromagnetic impulses, detects if they carry metallic objects. On the other hand, the hand luggage inspection machines visualize the dangerous objects through X-rays. If a suspicious object is detected, the security personnel are authorized to carry out manual inspections, both of the luggage and of the persons, to identify the doubtful elements.

Prohibited Objects:

The prohibited articles are those that the Aeronautical Authorities consider ‘dangerous’ for people or aircraft since they could cause some damage by being sharp, sharp, blunt or explosive. Among others liquids, on the other hand, have a special consideration and must go through security controls according to precise instructions if they are carried in carry-on luggage.

It is not possible to monitor each and every passenger at the airport. So, security surveillances are very much beneficial. Following are the advantages of the surveillance equipment which can be used at the airport.

360-Degree Panoramic Visual Field:

The surveillance camera provides a complete 360-degree view with HD live image. By scanning the site at the best speed, the latest camera guarantees the ability to respond to new objects and movements in real time.

Automatic Detection and Monitoring of Intrusions:

The software continuously monitors the image to check for threats and marks them as targets. Also, it helps in tracking their movements. This happens at the same time in all the directions and is displayed in a radar view, disk view or panoramic view so that the operator can perceive the situation effectively.

HD Sensitive Thermal Images:

Modern surveillance cameras are medium or infrared sensor long wave systems and it is very sensitive to differences in thermal energy, at any time and in any weather condition. This, together with a production of images of several megapixels, makes the cameras superpower. This also allows longer detection ranges and the acquisition of smaller targets.

Passive Signal:

Security surveillance systems are passive and allow furtive missions, unlike radars that emit electromagnetic waves.

Adaptive, flexible and ready to use operation:

These systems are usually lightweight solutions. The cameras can be easily transported and can be quickly connected to work with one single laptop. Solar and alternating power systems can be integrated to allow remote and disconnected operation.

Easy-to-use Interface:

This latest surveillances are designed to offer images easily and efficiently. The system is very user-friendly and it can be operated by anyone. With least training, a user or an observer can access images and videos easily. He can also detect threat detection easily. Monitor in various zones can be configured to capture imposition and track threats as they appear.