Entrance & Exit Control

Security Surveillance at Entry and Exit Control:

Security surveillance is a security component that electronically monitors and controls traffic through things like doors, entrances, and elevators.

In order to control the entry and exit, Access Control System is very popular nowadays. Access control systems are a technology with the very highdemand in the current market. It is a set of fully automated input and output control processes with different types of technologies and devices.

It is important to carry out an adequate study, segmenting the zones, the access groups, the allowed times, the level of access for each user, measuring the number of people or cars traveling through each zone and clearly establishing the objectives of each access control.

It is important to study and design the project, prior to any installation and commissioning of a security project and access control. Proper integration of electronic devices with electro mechanical devices will drastically reduce personnel costs and project totals.

Following are the Benefits of Access Control System at Entry and Exit Zone:

Restrict the passage to sites by schedules, doors, and users.

Control the flow of people through the facilities of a Company.


Record of times and attendance.

Automatic control of entrances and exits of vehicles or people.

Control of people inside a building.

It allows an exact control of the person without the need for the presence of supervisors for the registry of the entryand exit of the employees.

Asset protection, replacement of keys.

Replacement of guards and security personnel.

Decrease in Registration Time

Allow / Restrict Door Opening

Pedestrian Access Control:

Pedestrian access control systems are implemented to have control of all personnel transiting a public or private space, ensuring the passage of people who are allowed to transit and restricting the passage of unauthorized persons in specific areas. The solutions for pedestrian access control are very varied depending on the applications and the needs of each client. It can vary from solutions with a single device that controls a door, to solutions with multiple devices integrated into different electromechanical systems managed by a centralized software program.

Vehicle Access Control:

Vehicle access control systems are implemented to control vehicles circulating in a private or public space, providing passage to allowable vehicles and restricting those who are not authorized. By integrating a vehicle access control system, a building can have full control, both of residents and visitors. It can also help in parking systems and parking barriers of medium and large dimensions.

Personal Control:

An adequate personnel control system is essential for good management in a company or a business. It is about having control of entry and exit of employees to improve productivity, with tracking schedules, access groups, areas allowed/restricted and the certainty of an increase in the productivity of the company. The system can control pedestrian access offering standardized or customized solutions for all places where a large number of people frequent, work or access. Various companies can provide the best alternatives that the market can offer, incorporate safety, high flow capacity and a high aesthetic level.