Gas Station

Benefits and Places Where Security Cameras Should Be Installed at the Gas Station:

Gas stations are the hot spot for crime as well as for incidents. Latest and modern security cameras play very much important. These facilities, often neglected. It is must to have 24/7 security systems at the gas station. It guarantees their correct operation and avoids any type of incident both day and night.

The implementation of security systems in gas stations, service stations, stores, and suppliers reduces the risk of theft in these endowments while increasing the welfare of customers and workers.

This system offers a powerful tool for the integral management of the security of the installation. This system allows you to create and manage black and white lists. It also helps in visualizing images in real time and recorded video. It can also search by a number of plates and/or date and time, which allows you to anticipate possible frauds and avoid economic losses.


Management and control of cameras of unattended sites with complete security 24/7

Comprehensive security solution that complements the CCTV system with the license plate reading and recognition system

Prevents robberies and other fraudulent uses to self-service stations where there is no staff to ensure the proper functioning of the installation

Management of the security of multiple service stations/ gas stations from a single control center

Places Where Security Cameras Should be Installed at your Gas Station:

Gas stations, like small businesses, are constantly exposed to theft or vandalism. Damage to petrol stations can cause truly dangerous situations. The workers and customers of the place would feel more secure knowing that they are being filmed with security cameras.

As you design a security plan at the gas station, you should consider installing surveillance cameras in the following locations.

Throughout the Pumps:

Video surveillance cameras installed throughout the pumps allow you to detect suspicious activities. It stops customers and employees from stealing merchandise and reducing your store’s losses. Also, if customers and employees are aware that they are being watched, they will be less likely to steal.

Security cameras can help in the management of their employees by observing their productivity so that they can reward hard workers and/or warning to offenders.

Cash Register:

A prominent high-resolution location, an indoor dome camera installed near the cash register can help protect your employees and aid in the identification of thieves. These cameras can also help law enforcement to determine the movements of the thief in the store. It helps in gathering additional evidence related to the crime. It is easy to identify what type of weapon the thief used, and other key features about the thief.

With security cameras, you can also control all credit card transactions. And cash to make sure your employees are not stealing money from you or using customer credit card numbers to enter into sales false to pocket the money.

In All the Exterior of the Gas Station:

If you are in a high crime neighborhood, you should install weatherproof, bulletproof security cameras around the perimeters of your gas station. These cameras have wide-angle lenses that can be clearly seen for up to 75 feet (depending on the camera). You can view even in the dark that helps detect any vandal or people who exhibit suspicious behavior on the spot.