Importance of the Surveillance System at Traffic:

Many metropolitan areas have major problems with the growing traffic density and the resulting emissions. Reducing the traffic flow by quickly finding parking spaces and the associated fuel consumption advantage are therefore important areas of research. The user requirements for autonomous driving also show the area of parking as one of the most important topics.


The requirement of the security surveillance has become essential thing in today’s world. There are different types of digital recording system available on the market today.

However, There are Many Specific Needs for the Security of a Bank or Finance Sector, Such as:

It does not need human intervention every day.

It provides high-resolution images without depending on the copying process.

It provides instant access to the sequences that are recorded.

It makes it possible to share information: generate reports, export video, print photos, and many more;

It makes it possible to control multiple remote points from the central point.

Review at the moment of remote sequences.

Configuration and update of units remotely.


Reasons to Install Security Surveillance System on Roads:

Security cameras can now transmit their recordings directly to the Internet, simplifying real-time monitoring. Street cameras, also known as closed-circuit television (CCTV), are becoming more abundant to monitor the streets of the city.

Following are the Reasons why it is Important to Install Surveillance on the Road:
  1. 1
    Manage Traffic:

    One of the best uses of the surveillance system is to manage traffic. If the observer sees from the center point about the traffic on any particular area, they can find the reasons and can send help there as soon as they can. So the traffic can be avoided.

  2. 2
    Prevent Crime:

    The main purpose of surveillance systems on the roads and streets is to deter criminal activity and inappropriate social behavior. In addition, since the criminals are adapting to surveillance technology and carrying out crimes in less detectable ways, making the criminal investigation more challenging. So it is also very important to install it on the small streets.

  3. 3
    Police Reduction:

    The street cameras were designed to help police forces monitor and patrol the streets of the city in the growing metropolis. Security cameras create a false sense of security that leads to a lower expectation of how many policemen are needed to physically patrol the streets. In fact, areas with higher concentrations of street cameras tend to experience a significant reduction in patrolling. A camera can record a crime that is happening. Monitoring surveillance camera images cause mental fatigue, making it easy for an observer who monitors several images at once to avoid a crime.

  4. 4
    Promote Public Safety:

    Security cameras can make people feel more secure and can lead to increased foot traffic in areas where people may not pass. The greater traffic on foot increases the “natural vigilance”; people take care of each other. That promotes more security and avoids criminal activity. Also, if the camera images are monitored correctly, the officers are effectively sent to the problem area.

  5. 5
    Identifying the Criminals:

    Street surveillance cameras help identify criminals. In addition, advances in facial recognition software help to lower the possibilities significantly when seeking to identify the performer. If it is not possible to identify the perpetrator, the captured images play an integral role in giving clues that help give direction to an investigation.