Smart Parking Management

Benefits and Implementation of Smart Parking Management:

A parking space is not just a defined floor space. It is the starting point for doing everyday tasks, pursuing recreational activities or making a trip. Thus, parking lots or houses are the first step to a satisfied customer and can offer added value that many are unaware of.

There are different roles of Smart Parking System such as:
Barrier systems:

Barrier systems not only control the access and exit routes but can also direct traffic to the parks or separate individual areas. Barrier systems with built-in payment function save delays at the exits, should a driver have taken too long to leave the parking lot or have forgotten to pay completely.

Parking Meters:

Parking is an additional source of income for the public sector or private operators. Already here the customer volume can be influenced by price models. In addition, parking can be used by value-added services as a customer loyalty tool, for example via customer cards with free parking space or by means of charging facilities for electric cars.

Parking Guidance Systems:

As with traffic management, control systems can also ensure the efficient use of parking lots and houses. The parking areas can be subdivided and vehicles safely and quickly directed to free parking spaces or special areas. Of course, every single parking space has to be connected to the management system.

Reminder Function:

Parking spaces can offer customer-oriented value-added services. This includes, among other things, the possibility of being informed by SMS or e-mail before the paid parking time ends or a certain amount of parking fees has been reached. Other services such as car cleaning or minor repairs with corresponding status information are conceivable.

Efficient Parking Guidance:

In the smart parking solution, it has orientation and/or movement cameras in the parking lot where the use and calculation of a place are automatically monitored together with the accessibility of spaces 24 hours a day. Something it is useful than the usual and more sophisticated sign of ‘Available spaces’, the system really highlights the parking places available for customers and helps them to the spaces on arrival. It is achieved through orientation display screens for parking at critical intersections within the site, where it indicates a number and the place of available spaces.

Advantages of Smart Parking Management:

The smart parking management consists of a system of control and management of measured parking that remotely monitors the availability of a place to park on public roads or private parking. Through the installation of sensors on public roads, it will be possible to understand if the place is occupied or free to park. This information can be consumed from any device with Internet access and this solution can be integrated with a payment system.

Improves traffic flow

Optimization of the use of public space available

Improve the user/customer experience by reducing parking times

Help to automate the payment for the stay, integrating payment systems

Decrease carbon footprint by consuming less fuel