March 13, 2018

Thermal Imaging Cameras – The Next Level of Digital Photography

Professional or amateur, anyone interested in photography loves to get to know about the new technologies that come up in the field of photography. Something that intrigues people the most but is used less is night vision photography. The technology used for this is known as thermal imaging. The technology which detects objects with infrared radiations to create an image, usually used in dark surroundings to improve the vision is called thermal imaging. Any average camera uses the visible light to form and capture an image. But thermal imaging camera uses the infrared radiation, making things visible that are otherwise not visible to us in the dark.

The technology used in a thermal imaging camera is best used for night vision. These cameras allow penetrating through extreme fog, smoke and haze. The images formed from a thermal imaging camera are known as ‘thermal images’. These images are usually grayscale in nature. Some thermal cameras can also add colors to images to help recognize certain particular features of the object captured. In many countries the use of thermal imaging camera is being considered to be used by firefighters and in various tough industrial environments for safety and efficiency.

The suppliers of thermal imaging cameras are some of the biggest players in the digital photography industry. This is because these cameras are very expensive. These cameras do not use the ordinary glass lens or the sensors. They have special types of lenses and sensors which allow us to capture an image in the extreme dark. These are definitely worth the price because of their amazing resolution. American Infrared (USA), Applied Infrared Sensing (Australia) and Avio (Japan) are the top three suppliers of thermal imaging cameras and its equipment in the world. These suppliers don’t just manufacture and sell to the consumers i.e. professional or amateur photographers, but, these big suppliers of thermal cameras and equipment design cameras for predictive maintenance, research and development, security and medical applications. They are also used in security and surveillance, medical, industrial and scientific markets. These wonderful cameras are not just used for fun in scary movies and ghost hunting but have actually helped a lot of people in dangerous and uncertain environments.

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