October 30, 2013

Choosing The Right Biometric Attendance System for Businesses

Biometric attendance systems are a requirement today and no longer a luxury. Highly recommended for businesses and huge organisations these access control systems are efficient and reliable. Of course it keeps out unwanted staff from a business premise or even from a particular high security or confidential premise of an organisation, but there is more to access control systems than just that.

In a country like India where the need for access control system for businesses is a huge need. However many small organisations and mid-sized businesses still rely on the age old tradition of only employing a normal identity card and physical lock system. That is not enough, considering the need for security of businesses and the information they deal with on a regular basis. Another factor that contributes to this is resilience in engaging in a good biometric attendance system. This is because most small and mid-sized businesses believe that installing a biometric system is expensive, given their knowledge about just a few known attendance system manufactures.

It is great for anyone to choose a credible biometric attendance system for their organisation. However merely making a decision based on oral advertisement or limited knowledge is not profitable. Especially if businesses are looking for the appropriate access control software that not only work in compliance with the size and requirement of their business, but is extremely reliable and easy on their expense too.

Two well-known and reliable access control systems are Zicom and CP Plus camera & biometrics access control system. These manufacturers have for long been the blue-eyed manufactures of CCTV surveillance and attendance systems in the country. Although the best and most favored for organisations since it comes with every bit of latest in technology, these can be a bit too hard on the pockets. Today, when there is an array of biometric applications to choose from, all with unique features, best in technology and very affordable rates it makes sense to choose an attendance system that is best suited according to ones need.

Businesses that also are looking to automate their attendance systems can benefit highly from biometric application software. Fingerprint biometric attendance systems or security access control system serve a dual purpose. It not only limits access to a business premise or place but also enables in automating attendance of employees working in an organisation. This is a huge advantage since it work load is reduced considerably as manual attendance calculation is done away with. There are several options businesses can choose from like thumb readers, RFID readers, swipe cards etc.

Although Zicom, eSSL and CP Plus camera and biometric have some distinguishing features when it comes to security access systems for businesses, there are a few others that have been creating waves in the biometrics industry. Easy to use and highly recommended are the U990 and X990 standalone biometric attendance system and fingerprint access control system that has amazing performance, ergonomic design to fit any organisation décor, high storage space and a good battery backup. Its price tag is affordable and fits any businesses budget easily. Although cheap the U990 and X990 functions are top notch using state-of-the-art technology.

The U990 is best in the biometric attendance category and is much affordable than the pricey Zicom, eSSL and CP Plus attendance software systems. Easy to install the U990 allows for IN Out and Lock system with amazing performance and a finger print sensor that is noted for its high resolution. The U990 fingerprint access control system comes with a color screen GUI interface and can be used for extra security measures like addition of pin numbers along with fingerprint recognition. With multi-language support software system, this smart card reader system can be used in India that is known for its diverse language and culture. Cheap when it comes to expense, but high on technology is what this fingerprint reader guarantees. With an option for Wi-Fi connection and GPS system technology access, this seems to be a great choice for businesses that are looking for the best security and attendance system on a string budget.

Another product worth mentioning in the low price category with features similar to eSSL biometric technology is the X990 fingerprint time and attendance system. One of the best fingerprint products in access control system this product is popular among the masses. Widely preferred among businesses the X990 RFID reader can store almost 3,000 scanned fingerprint imprints and can send out 1,00,000 access transaction records. These figures suggest that automation of attendance is easy to maintain and access and with a no fuss technology is hugely preferred by businesses of all sizes.

Fingerprint biometric card readers are excellent choices as they instil a feeling of safety in the organisation and premise. Since businesses deal with sensitive information, these thumb and fingerprint access control systems are a great way of keep a tab of who enters the premise. Along with biometric access information, time of accesses is captured which is of utmost importance for security as well as attendance purpose.

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