July 31, 2013

Why are Dome Cameras Gaining Popularity?

The need for security systems for home, business and public places is on the rise. The huge availability of security systems does justice to our needs. It’s not just any kind of security systems that people are interested in, but a system that looks aesthetically good, cannot be easily vandalized, is discreet and serves the purpose. Among CCTV capture security systems that sell the most, are dome cameras that are highly recommended for offices, retail businesses as well as homes. Dome cameras for CCTV capture are now easily available across all retail outlets and security system installers in the city.

A few reasons why the dome camera CCTV capture systems are highly preferred is because of their dome shape that does not disclose the area the camera focuses. This acts as an advantage since the persons act and move is caught without them being aware of the CCTV capture that’s on. Moreover dome cameras are nice and compact and hence great use for retail outlets since they can be installed and mounted at a discreet place. Since these like other security systems are linked to a CCTV capture system, there is constant undisrupted vigilance of the area or the place. It’s only obvious that this neat looking system can cut down on crimes. Those with a criminal intention are easily apprehended because the CCTV capture holds videos and pictures of every act committed. With the rise in crime installing a dome camera for CCTV capture and surveillance is an absolute must. Businesses today are sure to benefit with security systems that are discreet and record movement and acts of customers who visit them thus diminishing the chances of vandalism, thefts and crime.

Dome cameras are compact, and if installed discreetly these can be very tricky to find with the naked eye. Destruction of these cameras is almost impossible, especially if those intending to do so, are not aware of its installed location. In fact most people mistake it to be a light fixture or motion sensor and hence act naturally even when the camera focuses on them, which works as an added advantage especially in case of identifying criminals.

Often referred to as the “Eye in the Sky”, dome cameras can rotate to a complete 360 degrees and can focus in any direction. However if required the camera direction can be adjusted to focus on a particular area, or move towards a particular direction and angle. The dark coloured dome too acts in its benefit and hence recommended for businesses who like to keep their customers or business associates in check without displeasing them.  This is because it is a trifle bit complicated to understand where the camera focuses. Potential perpetrators can be caught off-guard on the dome camera and videos on CCTV capture can be used to hold those responsible.

Another type of dome camera is the Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) security cameras that have several added benefits to it. Unlike other surveillance cameras that can capture images only to a certain area radius, the PTZ can scan the entire area. Even if a target moves out of the CCTC captures field vision, the dome camera can tilt, rotate, focus and capture every movement made outside the range. These cameras also have the ability to zoom in, giving a clearer view of the target or any suspicious activity. The PTZ dome camera also comes in an automatic mode that allows the use to set several points on the camera and focus on objects for a longer duration of time.

Unlike other security systems that resemble a big box, the dome camera has a huge demand. The dome camera was designed to perfection and to prevent any kind of vandalism. Firstly it is difficult to understand its wiring system making disabling the camera a hectic activity. Secondly, its protective dome prevents thieves from going straight to the wires to disable it. They have to first get rid of the protective dome, which gives enough time for the owner to nab the vandal.  In case the owner is not present at that very specific time, the dome camera will continue to record the act throughout unless it is disabled and wires are pulled out. It is quite a task that could take a lot of effort and time which is what no criminal or vandal would want to invest in.

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