September 4, 2018

Facts About Tourism Industry

One of the ever-growing industries presently is the hospitality industry. IINA (Intelligent Integration n Automation) aims to deliver your needs with perfection. With the aim of managing the projects that are spread across thousands of acres of land, we have implemented the systems of the highest standards such as IP camera for wireless communications. It is a testimony to our business ethics that we have about 800 IP cameras and various other solutions for recording spread across multiple locations. The infrastructure that we use for networking is of wireless connectivity as well as copper communication. The estimated project value is about 30 million. The thing that differentiates us from the competitors is that we cater to providing the most efficient solutions for diverse locations across large regions.

To interest you further, we have come up with few facts about the hospitality industry in this article.

1. The hospitality industry is worth about 10 trillion dollars! Can you believe this? This is because lots of people think that the hospitality industry includes only the hotel industry. But however, the hospitality industry includes a wide range of activities such as tourism, aviation, casinos too.

2.  People are traveling and their numbers are just increasing! Did you know that over 7% of the growth rate was observed in 2017 about the growth of international tourists? Currently, the number rounds up to 1332 million. The tourism industry is sure to offer much more prosperity in years to come. Now is the time to start!

3. One in eight jobs in the USA is about the travel industry. Hospitality and travel industry remains the biggest employer of the world. This just shows the demand in the industry. Not just in the USA, within the next 5 years, one out of every 10 people on Earth would be tourism employees. Just look at the growth!

4. Well, if you need a creative idea we have one for you! Go for haunted hotels and ghost industries. The mystery and the thrill of living in such places attract a huge number of people from all over the world.

5. Hospitality industry offers the best workplace for female employees. It is presently the best female-friendly industry out there! Even there are many top women entrepreneurs working in the travel industry.

Apart from providing the high-quality solutions for your hospitality industry, we also provide various other solutions too. CCTV surveillance solutions that we provide will help you to tackle your hospitality industry on a day to day basis. We also provide fire alarm systems and access control systems. Various management needs such as inventory management or building management are fulfilled by us. If you need any optic solutions for audio or video or data fiber, you are always welcome to contact us. We provide you with an excellent solution to tackle the time and attendance of your employees in any way you prefer such as the face, card or biometric verifications. Also, for the easy movement, we provide gate automation, IOT or LORA or utility meter monitoring services. We also provide WIFI facilities for large areas and also PEP or P2MP services for communications.

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