September 16, 2013

Important Benefits of IP Cameras

Mostly commonly used in the security industry the surveillance network IP camera send and receive information over a network or the internet. Over the past few years, IP camera have stormed the surveillance business and industries that are constantly hungry for the best and latest in security technology.  IP camera are preferred since it allows for easy of access and remote administration of the device. If a closed circuit analog IP security camera is used then accessing it remotely might be not really possible.

There are several advantages of IP based camera systems, which is also a good reason why it is preferred over the analogue system.

Easy of use – IP based security cameras have one basic advantage over the rest. Imagine a cctv camera, which is another form of IP cameras. These cameras not only have the high ability to capture images but also store videos and image clippings onto a device. The device can be a computer facility, drives, or even a hard drive. Recorded images and recorded videos can be used or viewed at a later stage as required. The best part about the IP security cameras is that the images are never degraded or are not subject to wear. The hard disk or storage device can be located at a remote secure location, so that important information cannot be tampered with.

Cabling– Network IP camera cabling is cost effective, instead of installing a single cable for every camera, a single cable can support 4-8 cameras. Moreover these cables are inexpensive and since in most commercial as well as residential building where a network cable is already installed the expense is further reduced. For cctv cameras cctv video baluns are also a good choice. However it is best to choose video baluns that are category 5 since they are cost effective and can be run over long distances. This also means that the investment needed is much less as compared to normal coaxial cables. Still, though experts would suggest using the normal network IP cameras over cctv video baluns as they do not require multiple cables for multiple cctv cameras that especially function over a network.

Unlimited Camera Installation – An IP surveillance network system is not only robust and cost effective but it has a unique ability. Depending on the broadband strength or network signal that is responsible to transfer videos and images over the network additional cameras can be added to the existing network.

Image Quality – IP cameras are known for their high resolution images and videos that never wear even with the passage of time. The images are absolutely clear giving the viewer a detailed view of images captured in the video. Faces, objects, people, scene etc those are important especially if it a crime scene can be zoomed into without affecting much of the image quality. Since image data is digitally stored and hence is of high resolution and unlike analog systems where there is depreciation in the image quality. Analog systems suffer a great deal on this front since analog signals travel over a long distance which hampers its quality.

Video Access – Accessing video that any IP cameras stores in digital formats is easily retrievable. In cases where a criminal investigation is involved, playing back videos several times is possible from any location as long as they have access to where the video are stored. Advanced IP cameras for surveillance are available in several leading stores like IINA India that come with built-in analytics. For today’s hi-tech environment intelligent systems allows commendable ability to pre-program commands like audio detections, event management , motion detection, tampering alarms etc. These are valuable commands since recoded videos can be organised and viewed in a way that will help the user to use information for various purposes.

Integration– This particular feature has become increasingly important in recent times as it allows the integration of an existing surveillance system with other systems that work on the same internet network. For e.g. the most common use would be; integrating a sales systems with alert or security systems that is most generally used for retail business or property.

Cost Effective – Business that specialize in security systems like IINA India believe that IP cameras today are much more cost friendly than the analog systems. This fact is derived from the number of preferred sales of IP cameras within the country. It is also beneficial since requirement for CCTV camera installation has reportedly risen. Unlike closed circuit systems that are good for individual households, IP cameras have a broader use and serve a macro perspective. It is essentially helpful since installing a CCTV camera within a network is easy and does not require additional cabling. Irrespective of how huge the network is, as long as there is a prominent established network system, the expense would only be on CCTV camera purchase. Moreover since it allows the flexibility of viewing quality images from anywhere over the network on a computer, the cost of organising systems is marked off.

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