March 22, 2018

Network Video Recorder Your New Safety Companion

Network video recorder is a ‘hardware-less’ video capturing device which instead uses a network connection to store the recorded data. It stores the data in different drives such a memory card, SD card or a mass storage device. A network video-recorder consists of an embedded system to conduct its operation. It is connected to an Internet protocol camera, which in turn stores and gives access to the recordings over the internet or network unlike the CCTV cameras. It makes the work simpler and convenient as it keeps a count and track of the recording itself without any manual assistance. It is a new device which is trustworthy and very convenient to handle. A network video recorder is mostly used in offices, schools, hostels, universities, houses etc. Besides being convenient, it saves a lot of time!

The best quality of recorded video clip one can get is through installing 24HDD Ultra Series NVR. It is the most economic and quickly available quality product. The ultra-series consists of about 10 models but 24HDD Ultra Series NVR stands out of the rest as it provides one with best of features such as multi-screen display, which makes it easier to keep a check on more than two areas with the help of one device. It also has a 3D view which helps one to have a 360-degree view. Therefore, the 24HDD Ultra-series NVR is highly recommendable.

The network video recorder can be broadly casted into two series, the Pro series NVR and the Lite series NVR.

The pro series NVR, provides a broad range of high defining quality from 8HDD TO 19HDD. It has a Quad core embedded processor with a linked network. This too provides the convenient of a 3D view along 360-degree view. The pro series NVR comes with 5 different types of resolutions, special motion detection and time-lapse.

The Lite series NVR records and manages as many as 8 cameras with a magnificent has a special inbuilt audio input and output. It also provides the facility of simultaneously connecting both HDMI and VGA video outputs. Lite series NVR is mostly used by larger institutions or companies as it connects a larger number of cameras.

It is a very helpful device which protects and provides better safety as well as privacy to individuals, makes them feel secure, helps them to check on their safety and lastly controls crimes.


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