September 16, 2013

RFID Access Control Systems from IINA India

RFID systems, well understood as radio-frequency identification system is a much preferred tracking device for automation, people as well as goods. As a technological boon, the RFID access control systems have long ruled business houses and huge organisations. Cost effective and with multiple user application this basic three component device consists of programming device, set of tags and detector works brilliantly for door access controls, secured rooms / cabinets, departments, buildings etc. IINA India a well recognised security business who is known to supply a myriad of security solutions suggest the RFID access control system as a robust cost effective that continues to up its demand.

A technology for the future for sure, RFID access control system is highly recommended for government buildings, entrances of commercial organisations, museums, hospitals and several other establishments where secured access is top priority. Understanding the uses of a robust RFID access control system will give a brief insight into this technology and how effective it is in today’s environment.

RFID Door Lock Systems – This access control system when used in door locks ups this basic requirement of homes and property to a new level. With its recent foray of being used in door locks, the RFID systems keep track of who enters the room, home or property. Best seen in hotels this door lock system now does away with the age old known magnetic stripe locks that have lingered for long enough. With RFID as the new access control system for door locks, the ‘wow’ factor steps in, since proximity or even touching the door lock is not important. Think magical door locks that open as soon as it receives a radio signal.

These locks are sure to change the way we look at how we enter hotel rooms, property or even our very own personal homes. Maintenance wise, these are much better as compared to magnetic stripe cards and are not prone to easy wear and tear. There is zero percentage of failed performance, it is simpler to use, will not clog any scanning slots etc, which is what reduces its maintenance costs to a bare minimum. Its high promise of being compatible with future technology because of very minimum upgrade requirements as well as excellent monitoring and control systems make the RFID access control door lock systems a wise option to choose from.

RFID based Canteen Automation – Canteens are busy hubs of activity. Provisioning of food and beverages, food served in the canteen as well as maintaining accountability of employees who step into the canteen as well as maintaining a payroll for those who work in the canteen is a mammoth task. The RFID based canteen automation is available will several security solutions like IINA India. There are several advantages cited especially when it comes to RFID based canteen automation apart from its regular job which is integration of various canteen services under one program. Some of its valid advantages are;

  • Multi-location with a single card which works especially if vending machines are installed in different areas of the organisation
  • Efficiency in transaction,
  • Tracking of item and its value, sales etc
  • Keeping a track of food items and its consumption
  • Unnecessary expense especially when it comes to over costing on food items etc is curbed to a huge extent
  • Workers details, food item details, consumption details and employee details are all kept tracked of suitably
  • RFID based canteen automation is a robust system that does all calculations related to smooth functioning of a canteen

Hospital and Healthcare Services –Usage of RFID access control system in healthcare and hospitals has plentiful use. With successful deployments of this access control systems keeping a track of items bought into the hospital, where it is moved, track of low cost items, number of patients, door lock access and complete workflow and inventory management is a breeze. IINA India projects that within a few years RFID chips will be installed in humans as well so as to keep track of their whereabouts which in turn will help save lives. A similar system was carried out in October 2004 in the USA where the FDA approved of installing chips in human beings so that their medical information can be accesses without much hassle as well as humans can be tracked and lives can be saved.

Schools/Universities – RFID access control system has broad uses. Similar as its use in hospitals and healthcare, schools / universities can be used to track staff and students entering its premise and exiting from it. RFID on access control cards allow students and teachers in better automation of attendance which is of primary concern in several schools.

Automating the entire system with RFID access control systems will bring about a whole new change in how schools, universities, offices, government offices, corporate houses, individuals as well as service businesses function and deliver.  Not only will it improve service, tracking of lives etc to a huge extent but is capable of being considered as a good expense restrain.

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